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I've seen my life form a birds eye view
So small, so mundane , so insignificant.
I've viewed others lives ,moves by cues,
Hollow emotions through the daily regiment.
These edifices hearding us on the road of repetition and mediocrity
We are a species with amnesia,
What truly has changed since the era of Socrates?
We have only learned how to live in decadence and leisure.
We have weapons of mass destruction
Falsely reasoned as mass protection
We have fast foods but still people go hungry.
We repeat our mistakes again and again what is that? Insanity.
A kin to 1+1=2
If we do not change we are doomed.
When those in power forever pass the buck
And teach us how to
but are angry when we do
What the ****
Procrastinating whilst in need of revolution
Making problems that have nearly no solutions
Outdated tuition
Weak constitutions
The line between order and chaos is hazy
What will you do
"We leave the rest to you.."

Be honest you are just lazy
There has been a lot of controversy here recently with the universities and fees. seeing how we as the youth banded together and how the generation before us has acted during all this gave me inspiration and this is the result.

— The End —