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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Why do you
keep going
back to the ones who've hurt you
wasn't the memory enough?

Why do you
keep going
back to the toxicity
wasn't one inhalation enough?
Emmanuella Jun 2019
"Peek and retreat
is the term for it.
Is the term for what I do."

"Treating the world to a prime game,
a fine game of relentless peek-a-boo."
ghalya Mar 2019
i have been wanting to live a life that’s not supposed to be mine,
i have been wandering aimlessly trying to find myself,
i have been vigorously convincing myself that i am where i need to be,
maybe one day, i will feel like i belong somewhere,
but that day is not today.
There, a free retreat
Hollow by night
And very discreet,
A welcome sight

There, again we meet
Hollow by day
Strange, bittersweet,
No absence of light

There, just what I need
No other way
To quench my need,
To peel and say

Here, I can feed
My emotion fright
The silence I heed,
The asylum flight
chitragupta Mar 2019
Wait not for dawn
Wait not for the first bird's song
Wait not for the trees and their leaves
Wait not for the dew on their skin
Wait not for the rays of the Sun
Wait not for them to kiss the Earth
Wait not for the woken faces
Wait not for their curious gazes

Honor the wishes of a dying night,
and a dying heart,
and retreat
For ever were you
another species
Conciliation was
never meant to be..

I just want to leave. Never say goodbye. Never turn back.
I know not where to. But I know I want to.
October Dec 2018
A space so unfitting
A space tired, not so uplifting
”Rehabilitate my space”, you pled
And I did
I did just that once you, out of town, fled
Back in town, it was going to be a monumental surprise
One that you and I could share and sleep in that night
That night and all the nights to follow
When you witnessed your new space you could barely swallow
Chocking back tears, I had succeeded in my mission
Now this space, you share with your new person
Does she like the color blue?
What about the gold accents I detailed just for you?
It’s your space, and hers now
I hope the dark shadows of your new space haunt you, watch over you like an owl
In witness of you two interlaced
With someone who has now taken my place
To lavender I retreat
That shade of navy and I never to re-meet
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Night is a cavern,
For pains retreated from war,
To heal and march back!
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Sky looks deserted,
The army of clouds retreated;
Calamitous moves!
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