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Egø PrOfETa Oct 19
There's no such thing as a happy ending never ending
Well.. Maybe?
Depending on the circumstance,
If given the chance while resenting,
The thought of these..
Non relenting forces being brought on by the voices.. that are
A portion of me.. on stage
I am portrayed in a certain way
Because they all say.,
That I am hopeless, really hopeless
Heart broken
But the truth is.. always swelling up
Much like Love
Wich was never really.. spoken of
Because I'm always,
Going on pretending
I guess.. I'm always keeping
And that's each and everyday
Much like..
The noted treachery of Eve
Which never felt so meant
to be
But right now..
I'm really missing.. the feel of her
Warm summer breeze
I guess I'm feeling.. Sickly
Guess I'm being heckled by the freeze that only a cold winter brings,
As my heart screams
Come and.. get me
Which is now typically and emotionally
being played by me,
Just like a stream of bad dreams
on screen
Or like..?
Vague memory seeds going out with the last.. gleam
Which are likely.. Never ever to be
On time.. It seems
Because this happiness to be
Is all a mystery to me
Now pending
As never.. Ending
But as for now.?
It's being totally decreed
and foreseen
by me..
Now totally
as Ancient

— The End —