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Emily Sep 2019
All different colors.
All different kinds.
They invite you in
To see what they hide.
Temperamental flowers,
Blossoming in spring.
Blues and pinks.
Purples and whites.
Tiny and large.
Dim and bright.
All different sorts.
All different types.
Unique like people.
Special as could be.
Stubborn little flowers
Could die any moment.
Beauty of all kinds.
Compare them to people
There you'll find a match.
All different colors.
All different kinds.
Temperamental humans,
Wearing blossoms in spring.
All different sorts.
All different types.
Unique like orchids.
Special as can be.
Stubborn little people
Could die in a moment.
Beauty of all kinds.

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Emily Sep 2019
Sad sunflowers sigh,
As they dry their eyes.
The sun has gone away
They bow their heads
Heavy with sorrow.
They'll meet again tomorrow.
During night they rest
Taking a break from smiling.
Tomorrow kids will come
To take their seeds away.
A few of them will die
But most will be alright.
Some petals will tear and fall
But still they will be fine.
They smile at the children
Despite of the pain they feel
It's a pleasure to be noticed
Even if they 're using you.
Sunflowers sunny petals
Cover them in manes.
Sunflowers unsalted seeds
Help them stay together.
Their fields of gold cause awe
To the people which stare.
They will come back tomorrow
To look at the flowers
And their golden hues.

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A B Faniki
Babylyn Berina Feb 2016
If I die
and murdered,
tortured and tied,
more likely slaughtered;

Put me together
by a
thousand knot
collect me in
a specific spot

If I die
kidnapped and killed
ransom not met
and a deal not built,
Look for me;
here and elsewhere
let your swolen feet
take you there

If I die
thirsty and starved
empty stomach
and lips were harmed
Bring me not
to hospitals
I have already passed
The breath I took
a while ago
was actually my last

So If I die
with justice unserved
you drown in tears
of intense hurt
Worry not too much
For I have to tell

My soul is on quest
to give them hell.

But if I die
and justice is laid
rest my case
and so is my deathbed
Put me to sleep
on endless dreaming

for I died
in peace and in heaven
You can read the part 1 on my previous poems. But this sound more likely a part 1 to me. So yea hahaha
BAT Kahnert Mar 2015
Any poem requests?
Because my poems are the best.
I have poems about quests,
Or the stories behind crests.
How about an unheard of test,
Or of uninvited guests.
Maybe about how we are blest,
Or times at ‘Wake Fest.’
Maybe leaving the family nest,
Or getting rid of a pest.
About going out West
And being told to wear a vest.
But I am going to take a rest
Before I take any more requests.
Written as a joke. Turned into something more.
mvssbecvming Jan 2015
Love me like you never got tired of playing tag between the swings.

Love me like skinned knees only hurt in that moment you noticed them.

Love me like being anything I wanted to be was being a superhero with you.

Love me like your favorite character was always the villian.

Love me from afar but also like you learn a language.
Up close and formal, then with every bad word in the book.

Love me like your hands could never get tired of my curves and your lips numbed with admiration.

Love me like you could withstand the storm I bring to town every now and then.

Love me like you're tired of pretending that bottle could wash away the pain.

Love me like I make this all worth it.

Love me like you could begin to learn to love yourself.
gentle suggestions my sweet
Lahela Aug 2014
I want to have someone who will tell me when I'm not myself.
When I start saying things that I don't believe in, stop me.
When I scream about how I don't give a **** about anyone, quiet me.
Because you know that I love everyone way too much.
Don't scold me when I'm drunk, ask me why I got here.

Please don't drown me in sweet words, kiss me with truth, and remind me of who I am when I forget.
Please remember to remind me.

— The End —