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I’m going downhill fast  (2)

I’m going downhill fast  
My goodness I feel hungry
I’m going downhill fast  
No meals today n it’s 8:30.
I’m going downhill fast  
I guess the next town has a curry
I’m going downhill fast  
I could eat a horse n chase the rider
I’m going downhill fast

I’m going downhill fast  
Wish it ‘ud just stop raining
I’m going downhill fast  
My roof has started leaking
I’m going downhill fast  
Oh  a road house neon flashing
I’m going downhill fast  
Just made it in n I’m soaking.
I’m going downhill fast  

I’m going downhill fast  
Went inside to face a dragon
I’m going downhill fast  
Ordered coffee and a burger
I’m going downhill fast  
Oh and waffles n maple syrup
I’m going downhill fast  
Sorry dragon quips kitchen closed at seven.
I’m going downhill fast  

I’m going downhill fast  
Nothing to eat here I don’t think it funny
I’m going downhill fast  
Does it help I’ll give you money
I’m going downhill fast  
I told you fella we close at seven
I’m going downhill fast  
Drew my gun and shot the ceiling.
I’m going downhill fast  
Written by Philip. 2 nd November 2018.
A simple way to tell a story with aliteration of sorts where you can develop a fantasy in as many chapters as you like . It works well with nine lines and five stanzas
Tara Jun 2018
My parents tell me to sleep
I take my sleeping pills
Sit alone in the darkness.
The record skips once
And again
And again
My mind races
Will the record player ever stop

My parents scolded me
The sleeping pills are worthless
I sit with my thoughts
The record player dies
It’s silent
It’s to silent
My mind pauses
When will it return
I take sleeping pills and this is actually something that happens to me a lot. My record player is lovely but the records have their skips....

Will you be sad when he leaves
Or it doesn't work out
When you scream and shout
Until you fall ill inside
With no where to hide

How inside you were hiding your ill will,
Your true feelings,
Of how you weren't being true and felt

Nothing no more
Now it's gone and done
And can't be undone by any undoing
Even though you did nothing
While you so desperately wanted nothing to do?

Toodaloo to you too
Miss thing in a tutu

Dancing around
Go *****
Because we've done this before
Two, three, or maybe four before this

So, before this becomes that
And you turn and look back
I'm not having that again
It goes against all I believe
I think it best you be leaving
Have a good evening

Don't even stop to speak

I need that speaker hissing to stop
It's stopping me from living
My liver can't handle
The quivering flame of a candle
As you pull that arrow from your quiver
Through the tin can of my heart
Losing grip on the handle
On handlebars I ride but I can't do myself

My selfish needs are not selfish
They're needed for survival

Seen too many revival
Can't revive this scene
This film reel is not clean
And so alas, we must say adieu
I know it's true;
I do
And so do you
Written: February 9, 2018

All rights reserved.
Robin MacCuish Sep 2017
We'll be ok
There's smoke
The skin burns
We'll be ok
There's a voice raving
The words burn
We'll be ok
Boots are marching
The elderly roll six feet under
We'll be ok
They wonder: why did you forget?
We didn't forget war we wanted it
We'll be ok
He raves
War war war war war war
We'll be ok
The boots march in tandem
And disappear
We'll be ok
The elderly roll six feet under
They wonder: Didn't we fight for your peace?
We'll be ok
We didn't forget war, we wanted it
There is nothing like a good old family film.
Kasey Lee May 2016
After so long I realize why you did it
why you took my heart and broke it
you knew I was better off
and I guess you took action
my heart still aches as I write
for memories of you are all I have left
though I see you everyday
it's still like we never meet
and you apologized to me
to clear your conscience
but what you did
just brought it all back
now I find myself in your position
that you were in long ago
but I think I can handle this differently
because I don't want anyone to feel what I did
and now we all know
*history repeats itself
Michaela Siaki Apr 2015
Six months of silence
But I was just distracted.
One word knocks me down.
Null Dec 2014
Again and again
Over and over
Time never stops but here it never changes
Day after day
Night after night
I wake up everyday and I dream every night
The same dream and the same routine
Does it ever end
Again and again
Over and over
déjà vu

— The End —