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Emry Oct 2020
When all is lost and all is dreary,
When fate is gone and you must go on,
When you go on without a light,
When you fight through the worst of night,
Du bist der übermensch.
When you beat the hopelessness and decay,
Du bist der übermensch.
When you fight a world meaningless,
Du bist der übermensch.
When you create meaning from naught,
Du bist der übermensch
The poem is based on Nietzsche's idea of "the übermensch", literally the "over-man" or "above-man", thus the repeated phrase means "You are the over-man", but "übermensch" can't really be translated. It's the idea of the person who finds his own meaning in a godless world. Nietzsche belived that the Enlightenment "killed", or rather disproved, God, making there be no objective morality and meaning.

— The End —