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aih Sep 2018
If you’re tired of life—
you’re going the wrong direction.
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
Focus on footsteps
(the feeling
          indirect)   head clouds

Focus on loving each other
Focus on helping each other out
Family inside and out

You dont need your old ****
You Are Enough
You Are Strong
You Are Brave
You Are Intelligent
And plenty of love flows
Effortlessly through you
in All Directions
You are Spirit
You are Light
When I feel lost I have to find ways to shift my focus
I start with really good **** but need reminders thoughout the day
This helps me get away from the head game!
Vexren4000 Jul 2018
Error, malfunction,
Line at unit 4332 defunct,
Rerouting system function,
Backup mode engaged,
System is now offline,
Stay tuned for further updates.


— The End —