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The Spider Nov 2018
I had a dream of a dead friend once.
Words cannot describe how it made me feel.
He's been dead since May 2017,
but I feel him alive everywhere around me.
I see him,
In Garrett's curly hair.
I see him,
In the fiery red locks that Bridget has.
I see him,
In the blue eyes of my best friend.
I see him in the freckles on Julayne's face.
A long time ago,
I would have said that I hated him.
Maybe a part of me still does.
But a part of me also wishes that I could have said my peace
before the inevitable death came to be.
Part one of 2 parts.
Don Moore Feb 2016
So here I stand, tearing my heart up in my hands.
Arriving home, I was told, you've got to go.
Shocked was I, standing there with cap in hand.
The love of my life, her red hair a glow, her face redder still.
I asked her why, and she told me such a lie.
Appears I've been seeing another, one that I have no recollection of.
No amount of pleading which I undertook helped my cause.
And then, with a parting kiss, she pushed me out the door.

So here I stand, tearing up my heart in my hands.
I can rail at the wind, stand before the sea and spin,
There's one thing I know, and that's that love is finally finished.
My love is torn, and quite forlorn, and it's about to blow away.
I turn, and think of gristly things, my body washing upon the shore.
There are high cliffs here, where I might attempt a lovers leap.
But would she care, would she hold me to her *****.
Would she cry my name, try to pull me back.
Then should our love rekindle in the way it was.
I have some doubt in that moment as I think upon my death.

Suddenly up that very beach, walks a girl.
And she is very fair, her blonde hair twisting in the breeze.
I stand entranced, I stand with silly smile, my blues eyes full of love.
And as she passes, she flirts me cruelly with her skirt..
Her own eyes are taunting me, and so I seek to follow.
The very sands are nearly ended, and already I have another love.
We walk now hand in hand, and in the streets of our own town.
We meet another pretty girl with such red hair, I look and frown.
Somehow I feel I should know her, but there it's gone just like that frown.

— The End —