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Leila Valencia Apr 2019
There is so much more to life than a glance
We feel small

Disgusted, peeved, put off to no end

life truly captures our heart
In a space of excruciating exhaustion
of, hopelessness

And then the world blinks its eyes open to hold us
Remind us, tend to us, guide us
And believe in us

Intuition arrive with a screaming

Whisper softly
caress our most intimate
with assurance


everything will be fine
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
and when your name appears in the notification bar of my phone,
my face shines brighter than the screen of my phone
Asominate Feb 2019
I'm sick of these transfusions
I always have to give
You're always the one dying
And you need my blood to live

Universally you recieve
But very picky how you donate
As a universal giver
This I don't appreciate

Not everybody can love me
Not everyone has what it takes
Only my kind,
I find,
Can love me, and love me straight

No matter the circumstances,
My love never be returned
Because our transfusion doesn't work that way
You leave me dry,
To die
And burn
I'm O positive, by the way!
'Tis better to give than to recieve?
uv May 2018
Always write to inspire!
Always read to get inspired!
Always believe to achieve!
Always feel to recieve!
Always work that extra mile,
To bring that heart felt ,one in a million smile!
Just for the beautiful writers here on hp..wondering their purpose here!..wondering what are all these dancing words for ..?
I believe poetry is like beautiful clothing to words..
Poetry makes its subject magical and helps normal ideas and expressions seep deep down into ones heart  just to make some one smile ..
My main reason to write is to bring a smile onto ones face ..either the reader or my own ....
Because a smile is what this world needs ..
I see you looking,
I see you staring,
I see you glaring,
I see you guessing.

Can you see me standing?
Can you see me sitting?
Can you see me smiling?
Can you see me crying?

Do I look like I'm begging?
Do I look like I'm asking?

For what?

Do I look like I'm suffering?
Do I look like I'm dying?

From what?

Can you turn it down,
My sight is turning deaf,
The sharpness echoing through town.
I can see you churn theft.

I can't deny,
Because there is a lie,
Then the other is dry,
A truth that cannot die.
Cecil Miller Apr 2015
"My Lord, why is there only one set of footprints?"

"Because, my child, sand people always walk in single file to hide their numbers."
Just some humor

— The End —