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WordsHelp Nov 2018
You could challenge the Sun
With the warmth and glow
Your smile radiates.
raquezha May 2018
Your love is like a candle
limited but radiates a bright energy,
the longer I stare the faster it melts
but it melts inside me

I don't mind dying if you're here with me
I don't mind crying just like how you melt with me
Say goodbye now, at least we're here trying
BertJane Perez Dec 2014
You are a rose and I am a simple leaf
People adore you while I watch from the trees
You handle yourself with dignity and pride
While I'm easily swept by the wind's blowing tide

You are a rose the most confident of them all
And I am a leaf that can easily fall
You have this beauty that radiates love
That beauty you have I could sense from above

You are a rose that can only stay in the grass
And I am a leaf that wishes to be with you at last
But you are a rose and I am a simple leaf
People will adore you, while I can only watch from the trees

— The End —