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if he were not
the president of a superpower
     that claims to be the beacon of democracy
we all could laugh more easily
     and openly

about the way he lies with almost every utterance
uses foul language, insults & invective
openly shares his racist views
lowers the level of accepted public speech
     like no U.S. president before
snuggles up to monarchs and dictators
and does not understand
     they play him for a fool

antiquated ideas of trickle-down economy
add nothing to his silly promises
of making his country great again
     (no real need, has never been small)

after two years in office it is clear
his retrograde policy
leads what once used to be
a democratic nation of great promise
    quite independent will
    and vital multicultural diversity
into a world of yesterday
    not to a better future

all it does is make him
     and the whole nation
the **** of wary global laughter
the kind usually given to the joker
in superman movies
I promise not to write about (U.S.) politics for at least a month ...8-(
Poetictunes Dec 2015
Blue Eyes
Blue eyes look at me,
My dark skin is defined by the dirt and sweat of the cotton fields,
My skin has been beaten,bruised and burned
The darker I am the more I'm tortured,
The blue eyes are evil,
The blue eyes has seen darker skin,
The eyes has seen dark brown skin women and men,
The blue eyes,
They see where the rage and pain lies within me
They look down at me,
As if I were beneath them,
They see the 300 years of slave and fear captured in my eyes,
I an'it afraid , so don't try me
I hate you and your color,
What you all did to my people,
You ought'a be ashamed
Or maybe I should be

— The End —