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This winding road I've traveled,
Once forgotten, twice removed.
Has left its mark upon my heart
Lost among the shadows, clouded by the dark.

This winding road has made familiar
Each trial I've had to bear,
Each turn a passing ray of light
Embracing me with care.

This winding road I look for
Each day I hasten now my pace
To quickly find the matter,
The secret to the race.

This winding road a test for me
To answer to the call.
God calls fourth his mighty army
To give witness to it all.

This winding road a straighter path
Familiar now it seems,
Not so deeply meant to be
A puzzlement for me.
September 20, 2000
Akemi Aug 2013
Conscious creature
You opened your eyes
And saw into infinity
Beyond a vast divide

You walked with agitation
Under a circadian sphere
But in slumber lapped upon
A recursive lie turned fear

So you gnawed and you nibbled
You scratched and you split
Without a pause in your malice
Until reality thinned

Until the atmosphere bled
All life, light, and breath
And you were left with closed eyes
And vast emptiness
11:29pm, July 30th 2013

'to dream' or 'sentience is suffering'.

We can imagine things far greater than reality can give. Those unreachable things will blind you to all the beauty in your surroundings.

Inspired by:

— The End —