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Elvira Sep 2018
The ruins between my ribs held us static
We were parallel lines that were never coincidental,
A could-have-been intersection that ceased to draw itself
Just before the point of tangency.
You told me it was I who stopped pursuing you,
That it was I who fashioned these rusts in my own gears.
Apathy was my choice,
Until I saw the concern that lay beyond your hostile mask
That left me wanting for the unknown.
Isaac Aug 2018
What should a person spend their life doing?
How many things are worth pursuing?
Chasing dreams? Running errands?
Ticking off responsibilities? Getting to know people?
Getting really buff? Creating beautiful art?
Writing great poems? Winning at sport?
Getting super famous? Growing rich?
Reading good books? Helping the poor?
Watching movies? Fixing things?
Playing music? Learning languages?
Traveling the world? Teaching wisdom?
Building structures? Studying flowers?
It's hard to know, but you better decide quick.
Because it could be over before you finally pick!
Written 9 August 2018
Simpathi May 2018
I used to think I was better alone,
No people to chase,
No roses to bring home.
But all of these thoughts were from long ago.

I used to believe in this thing called love,
Hearing of all its effects, its unending sun.
But to feel its warmth actions are required.
I've fallen so many times, I've become too tired.

Chasing the highs, while falling for lows,
But I never gave up, I never let go.
Why, I'm not really sure,
I stole the energy but love I never owned.

I used to think I was better alone,
Why did I ever think I could see the light,
Through the dark cloudy smoke?

Now I'm stuck with your heart,
From your fake shiny clone.
Don't try to hide it,
Cause your lies are revealed,
Your secrets are shown.
Am I any better than when I was alone?
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2018
To be in love.
Her heart was a hill that I climbed with slippery soles.
To be still in the moments of encouragement.
I'd slide down unable to catch my footing.
I acknowledge that I wasn't dressed for the occasion.
Still persisting to climb.
To be in love.
The valley of dream & hope.
I tied my shoes tighter.
My hands filled with grit and grass.
No matter how hard I tried I constantly slid down.
The sky a beautiful mix of orange and blue.
Her love was a sight I longed to see.
The meadow to low to catch the best view.
Everything she has to offer.
I tossed through mud and dirt.
Learning patience in every attempt, the closer I got.
She'd open her arms wide.
And each time I'll fall face first.
Still determined I didn't cease to stop.
I spent a lot of time there.
Lost in a valley of fog.
To afraid to ask for help.
Scared that my secret valley would no longer be my own.
That everything serene.
Everything that I loved would be modernized, torn apart piece by piece.
No matter how many times I slip.
No matter how many times I fall.
I love everything ,
Still persisting to climb.
Learning patience with each step
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
Kiss for this new intimate soul..h.i.m
To which many of my stories have been told..
Hug to this listening ear.
Who has revealed many things to me I hold dear..
Smiles for the man I am gettin to know.
Even early on he sets my heart aglow.
Chatting is such excitement.
In chatting dang wonder where the time went.
Progression into time is filled with quality.
So shortness of time is nugatory.
Conversations impulsive, debatable even learnable.
So filled with open honesty on safe levels even shared equivocal..
Exciting steamy, richness and understanding.
The kind of connection worth pursuing.
Even if theres a closed door at the end. The ride will be worth enduring.
Hurryin up to wait..
Gettin into the gate..
Discoverin it was well worth Giving/

By selinasharday! tm..2018 s.a.m
super cool connections
You were a masterpiece beyond comprehension
But it was about staying with retention
And the going was vastly overwhelming
The situation was too unrealistic to keep pursuing
Some ends were never meant to be tied
I'm sorry if i lied
I hold myself accountable for the crimes i commit
A train a little over the transit
Has the right mindset, wrong pace and approach.

— The End —