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thyreez-thy Feb 2019
i don't know why i made you my air
cause now all i breath in is despair
why did we waste each others time
making our hearts believe, knowing its emotional crime
knowing deep down it would fail
but still chasing like a dog with it's tail

fate knew we would never work out
but we ignored it ,out and about
so in love we didn't need reason
our hearts performing treason
playing with our emotions
giving our deepest devotion
we knew what would happen yet we played
oh the beautiful memories we made

then your heart knew this distance was impossible
i was the one, my heart irresponsible
my mind in the cloud till you told the truth
but alas we are in our youth
distance and age was the cause
ripping my heart out with it claws

but it was weird when you said "this isn't working" that it really made me smile
cause we both knew that this would fail, calculate the miles
no tears left to cry
emotions are but dry
and just like ice melts in the rain
sometimes love turns to pain
accepting fate
brandon nagley Jun 2015
How man can degrade a queen
Down to a beast
By calling her ****,*****!!!

Whilst at same time

This same brute of a demon

Sits at the *******
giving money to the same woman he just called a ****

And making big business
For international degrading
And *** trade...

Mean whilst
All this happens

Man doth this
Unnatural degrading

Because he can't find his happiness
Within himself!!!!

Find thy happiness in thyself
Oh man

Than know thy woman,
That thou degraded

Is a queen!!!

— The End —