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sergiodib May 28
Wherever I go
there's a dog called Ego
that follows me.

I'm the new Plato and Shakespeare;
I'm the prophet and the Messiah,
I'm Caesar and Brutus,
Robespierre and Napoleon,
I'm Queen Victoria and Jack the Ripper;
The father and The son,
I'm the voice and its Echo,
the alpha and omega,
big bang and big crunch,
the visible universe and dark matter;
I'm the poem that hasn't been written yet;
The word that means every other word:

Theatres are closed.
There's people suffering and dying,
The Anthropocene
sergiodib May 16
By the way, you can't buy the way you have to walk it!

I haven't got time to get angry.
I haven't got time to get rich.
I haven't got time to worry about the future.
I haven't got time to regret the past.
I haven't got time to clean the oceans.
I haven't got time to get old.
I haven't got time to become a prophet.

But I do have time
to sit in front of this sunset,
gorgeous as never before,
listen to you.
Time is on your side!
sergiodib May 4
What wood a tree think
If he knew
He was being felled
to become a
Wood he feel holly
Or wood he be

— The End —