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© Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein
Come secretly, come silently as my dark night's rainfall,
Like bewildered shower, in my land of dreams.
Oh! my Divine in radiance in the duskiness, touch my soul and breath,
The sun and stars will be meaningless to me.
When all are lost in slumber, engulf me, embrace me, rob me of my sleep
Enter my lonesome room, in the garb of music
Answer, answer to my endless tears and shimmering smiles.
Published in Our Poetry Archive Anthology "Spiritual Poetry Beyond Borders"  on 8th July, 2018.
We seek love of the Divine. Is it just love for Ecstasy? Or we need more than that. In our human nature, we tend to love the divine in our happiness and pleasure. Even more we forget the Divine in our happiness. Or ends in gratitude. In our problems we seek him more deeply. But is this only related to our problems or pleasures. Are we missing something?  In solitude, in silence our hearts yearn  for who knows for what. Something unknown. Who is it then? What kind of relationship do we seek? Is it more than love?

— The End —