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Peter Balkus Sep 2018
There was no point of staying
and fighting for what we believe -
they were ruthless,
we were too peaceful to survive.

Had we stayed,
there would've been no mercy,
no compromise.
Their barbaric lifestyle,
they would have forced it on us.

So we run away,
having left everything behind,
knowing that since now on
we will always be running away
and hiding,

because we are innocent,
we detest violence,
we love life,
and because God is on our side.
"In the early 17th century the Roman Catholic Jesuits launched large campaigns in order to rekindle faith among Catholics. The ruler of the Netherlandish regions, a devout Catholic, Philip II of Spain, felt it was his duty to fight Protestantism, and, after the wave of iconoclasm, sent troops to crush the rebellion and make the Low Countries a Catholic region once more. The Protestants, many part of the merchant elite, in the Southern Low Countries (Flanders, Brabant) fled North en masse. An extreme example was the population of the city of Hondschoote, which dropped from 18,000 to a mere 385 inhabitants."

— The End —