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Pearson Bolt Jan 2017
i brushed the tips
of her fingers
amidst the PVC pipe
as we sat
linked together
in lock-down.

our forearms stained blue
from the paint and tar
plastered to plastic,
holding down
the chicken-wire
purposefully designed
to make sawing us out
more difficult.

water protectors
chained together,
risking arrest,
the shackles a symbol
that we were willing
to trade our freedom
to save planet earth
from the 6th extinction.

sweat glued garments to skin
as the sun baked down from the heavens.
even if we failed today
to throw a wrench in the works,
still we rage against the machine,
still we sing our refrain endlessly:

*the people gonna rise like the water.
we're gonna face this crisis now.
i hear the voice of my great granddaughter
singing, "shut this pipeline down."
it's bigger than a paycheck.
it's bigger than a job.
if you won't respect our Mother,
we won't respect your laws.
Gun control?
You mean like not going crazy with it and be a responsible adult?
This nation has a apparent gun contingency
But the moment we take the guns away
Will be the modern fears of Communism striking us from within
We would be the Rome with no able army
The Founding Forefathers knew this
And would of handled this shooting problem with some extra assistance from the nation's defenders themselves
Mr President, employ the protectors to keep us safe
But do not take guns away.
My take on Gun Control. I understand why people want it, but it will do us more harm than good. Analyze Australia and England and you will see. They lost their guns.
Fayez May 2015

Some want to protect
Who they love
They aspire to greatness
Solely for another.

Remember that after a war
Shields are forgotten
And guardians
Are considered monsters.
Something I feel like should be said to myself personally.

— The End —