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She Writes Nov 2017
In regards to promiscuity
A man gets a cheer and a clap
While a woman gets a slap
On the wrist
And a tsk tsk

Oh the double standard
Aaron LaLux Jul 2017
Sleeping without a blanket,
but that’s okay it’s the tropics,
I gave my blanket or rather sheet,
away to the girl that’s sleeping on the futon across the room from me.

She’s not my lover,
at least not in the contemporary sense,
as in we don’t sleep together or have ***,
but I guess as lovers can make love without having ***.

See I’ve got a girlfriend,
and I’m trying to be loyal,
for the first time in my promiscuous life,
I’m trying to be a legitimate boyfriend.

I didn't plan on sleeping with this girl,
I only wanted to explore each other's Beautiful,
neither one of us thought too much,
we just loved the touch of each other in the moment...

excerpt from '777: Alphas & Numerics' the new book by Aaron La Lux
available worldwide.
Eleni Jun 2017
Her long legs walk-
In    -     out    In    -    out
Of the shadows.
Hips swinging like pendulums-
Left  - right   left  - right,
Creating echoes.

Her cigarette smoke dances around the pyre:
Puff  -  puff, cough  -  cough.
And the tongue slithers like a reptile
Hiss - hiss.

She's lost in the city of Dreams.
She's an L.A woman, L.A woman.
Yet she's a dancing drunk
Sip,   sip,   sip,
Breaking the seams.

Oh, she's dangerous. Intoxicating.
Yeah, yeah.
She's a disciple of Venus
Going to work-

To the brothel she goes.

She wonders what it's like to be virtuous
Pray  -   pray!
But a full stomach relies on the next customer.
Kiss   -   kiss.

'Time for bed, I guess' she wipes off the façade.

And she slips back into the shadows.
With her gold dust, whiskey and...

She's a living hamartia. She's proud.
But her words fail to be spoken out loud.

P  a  r  t  i  a  l

P  r  o  m  i  s  c  u  o  u  s

P  e­  n  u  m  b  r  a  l
M Harris May 2017
Through Prismatic Stairways & Monochromatic Sways,
Under Cinematic Rays,
She Twinkles In Ecstatic Daze,

In Her Promiscuous Silence,
With Spatial Violence,
She Enlivens My Sins In Her Aphrodisiac Vehemence,

Her Fake Plastic Smiles,
Under The Vienna Skies,
In Blank Reflections Under Disguise,
With Her Wings Of Destiny, She Sensationalizes,

With Her Spectral Prayers & Kryptonite Searchlights,
She Rains Her Ethereal Affairs, Painting Satellite Twilights,

Her Effervescent Fantasies,
Orchestrating Crescent Intimacies,
Verses Perpetuating Into Iridescent Complexities,

A Stellar Starlight Dazzling In Stardust,
Like An Astral Butterfly She Flounces In Lusts,

On Her Audiotronic Escapades,
Serenading Under The Symphonic Shades,
She Transmutes Into An Iconic Mermaid.

- 02:32AM
Julie Langlais Mar 2016
Allergic to her countless lovers
Coming and going
Assorted faces
Strangely similar
Always the musician
Infested in drugs
Touching her
Kissing her
Grabbing her  
Pushing her  
Treating her like a desperate animal
Exposing their mating calls
In my panorama
My young troubled eyes
Shot in permanents
An exhibit to suppress

She begs their affection
While rejecting my attention

© Jl 2016
Words taken from my teens
Monica Figueroa Sep 2015
Am I a siren?

Does the small harbor between my legs
Entice them so?
That sailors dash themselves along the rocky edges of my soul...
Damning themselves...
For a sip of it's frothy waves?
Copyright 2015 Monica Figueroa
hannah lace Aug 2015
I am leaving, and you are the only one I want to see.
You make it difficult, because you are oh so busy.
"Oh, I'm working," is one of your lies.
When you're actually seeing guy after guy.
Stop with the boys, stop with the lies.
Your promiscuity is impossible to hide.
Looking for another girl to be underneath.
A frenzy of tongues and teeth.
Because I've no more self respect left to lose.
So? Care to accompany me on my **** cruise?
(C) 2015
Revenant Mar 2014
Used, ruined, *****, impure
That's how I want to be remembered for sure.
*****, ****, **, dame
That's how I rose to fame.
What can I do to erase this scarlett letter?
I must learn to keep a secret better..
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