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Ray Dunn Sep 2019
color dripping from the clouds,
dousing the crystal oceans
with waves like prisms.

tides drawing in hues—
playing warm shades like a symphony
and cold in leveled harmony,

but as we watch the greys fall
from the sky like ashes,
we weep in tones of silver and gold.
i adore color imagery ****
SøułSurvivør Jul 2019
I take in the
Taste of prisms
With a tender tongue

Blue,  violet, verdant green
Magenta marvelous
Yellow, mellow light
The flavors of the sun
Shining through crystal
Covering my lips
Cherry red

The Taste Of Prisms
Enervated inspiration
And the ecru canvas
Comes alive with color!

I've joined several artist's sites on Facebook and I'm getting very inspired to paint and draw. I want to see my canvas coming alive! Thus this poem...
Anne J Jun 2019
Prisms of a heart
Shatters of mind and soul and
Lessons for a hurt brain
And yet again I make a poem about a topic I’ve never experienced lol. This was gonna be in some fanfic but I changed the story... I found the poem good enough to put here.
Sharon Talbot Jul 2018
I recalled the smell of junipers warming in the sun,
Or maybe mice nesting under the cupboard.
Or bleached linen hung out by Mum,
Reminds me of something about Dad from long ago,
You ask me…to say if it was gin;
There are things I can’t tell you, Son.
Some people think that it’s a sin;
So just use your imagination.

Another time I smelled crushed daisies of
The housemaids, I remember from Kleßheim.
Thunderstorms rolled down from the Alps at night,
Then turned at morning into clarified, buttered sun.
They remind me of someone’s blonde hair,
I just can’t tell you when or where,
So use your imagination.

Scent is the most potent mnemonic,
Triggering mystical cells inside,
Creating a stream of biophotonics,
Rapture returns in histrionics,
Tracking things from skin and hair,
To lips and eyes, to a groan, an intrigued stare.
Things we can never tell another, even if
He or she or they were there
What happened in those brilliant days?
Only imagination can say.

Crystal hanging in the window at nine o’clock,
Rays strike the glass, opening up the past.
Before me spreads a wide, green lawn,
Ladies and lords stroll with their finery on.
I sit and watch, while the procession advances,
Tricornes doffed and stays undone in dances.
Until the satin, silk and brocades lie on the ground,
Gavotte kisses become tender, sensual rounds
And naked, youth flees into woods.
And everything is happening;
Everything is good.
This is about memory, predominantly smell, how much we remember and what is only guessed at. The last part is about memories of a past life triggered by light in a prism.
Mike Aug 2016
Always knew I was light.
Constantly running from prisms

thought I contained the spectrum
if I held on to everything.

Trying to shine new in the old light
till comparison shorted the whole thing.

All my past encounters now a mirror
each gathered around me.

You'd think I would see the truth. But
I'm only left wondering:

how I surrounded myself with so many
and why they are all strangers.

Refracted into forks till I was just going in circles.
Avoiding the breakdown ends there anyways

The universe holds the spectrum and prism
that wishes you to diffuse as a ray.

Know the rhythm of your wavelength,
the universe catches up with all of us.
Arcassin B Jul 2015
Hey guys , as you know (and probably don't) I have Poetry group called the Prisms , where we collaberate and make our own poems,

Two choices :
You can message me here and qualify to join our page on HP where Ill add your name to the bio...
Or you can message on kik messenger @ abpoet18
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So if you interested , just message me anytime !!! :)
;-) ;-) ;-) happy fourth of July
By Arcassin , Lexi , Tara and rach

:::AB:::: Conversations with out any words,
:::AW::: Creates a blissful peace between two souls,
::::RH:::: A bond without voices to cause constraints,
:::TO::: Listening closely, Without any of they're ears.,
:::AB:::: Rivers never get too mellow or narrow,
:::AW::: More narrow then the thoughts that cause simple minds,
:::RH:::: Simple minds that quake in the presence of such a holy river,
;:::TO::: colliding together  only be ruined by the waves of salt,
::::AB:::: And as I realize , and look inside that my soul burns for a higher judgment,
:::AW:::: A Judgement that quickens ones heartbeat,
::::RH::: Pumping my blood, reiterating judgement awaits once this fragile body tires,
:::TO:::  So far apart yet so close, never finding the key too his heartbeat.
:::AB::: While I'm waiting til she finds it, I'm still fading and bleeding,
:::AW::: The key awaits in the depths of the river,  cleansed of all unholiness.
Welcome to our HP :)
By Arcassin B & Lexi

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

it disappoints me how such ugly words, can taint the beauty standing before me,
such gorgeousness caused butterflies to flutter at the bellows of my stomach...
but to my surprise,w poison butterflies fall from your lips as gold stares into my eyes
why does your tongue allow such ugly words to fall from it..
your beauty tends to blind other people from processing what you just said, but i hear everything,

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

Just be sure you don't take anything,
Before you go,
Although parting is such sweet sorrow,
It can't be enough i its bitter,
Worms through the apples,
Your sinister look,
And falling clouds,
Have no effect on me,
I've written enough just know,
You'd mind control me,
Or at least try to,
Crumby attitudes,
O I hate to see a smile turn evil,
Like Connors boot,
Mud filled,
I underestimated you,

Pretty colors,
making no sense at all,
wind flowing through your hair,
Its already bad enough to even fall,

Underestimated how your lips could give a heart such warmth, yet your words always seem to send a chill through my bones  
The way you'd wipe discrete tears from my face and make me laugh
Sometimes made me forget
You're the one that caused them,
How dare you part your lips and ****** such spiteful words against my heart with such pressure?
Youd always seem to manipulate my thoughts, rearrange my mindset or tilt my perspective, and with such tainted I love yous and eyes so full of gold,

So unusual.....
Welcome to our HP :)

— The End —