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Johnny walker Jan 19
If I a chance to travel back
through time and space to a time and a place of my choosing
It back to fifties and sixties I'd go where life was so much simpler when there weren't the pressures of everyday life we were able to enjoy growing up as
Then we moved Into the sixties new fashions bright colours pretty girls In their mini shirts could brighten one's
Time of so much change Incredible the sixties was a wonderful time sometimes think we'd be better of not moving  on with progress stayed In the sixties frozen In time well I would be
For the time I now live In there no difference
between working day life struggles I'm now retired
but there no difference Its
just the same continuation
of my working life
What was the point of those working days to retire to nothing complete and utter waste
We should never have moved on from the sixties well that the way I see It bring back the
the sixties
Just some thoughts while passing my day my feelings
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018

I know what sorta peer pressure you face in countries like the U.K.  I also know that as an atypical person compared to the people around me, I'm free from the restrains of peer pressure. Peer pressure is an obstacle. You gotta take on it and break it. You don't need to care what people think as long as you are amazing and what you're doing is right or you're trying to do the right. As long as you're with Allah, you don't need to care about peer pressure because you're doing the right thing. The right people will like you and the people who don't will have hearts that tell them you're great.

Don't try to be acceptable. Go with the flow. Go with the right flow.
Peer pressure is a binding to be broken.

— The End —