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Vy S Jan 2019
God, this hurts.
It's terrible and heart-wrenching.
To believe the moments we had weren't worth anything.
Or were they?
I have trouble discerning.
I wanted love that didn't make me feel patronized, used, discarded, and broken.
Would it make me happy?
Would it make me feel more alive to be away from you?
Would I find someone that deserves me?
How can I say this respectfully?
Without putting down our moments together?
I hate you.
I hate you so much to the point that I want you out of my life.
To the point I can say "You can die!" ad I wouldn't care.
You made me bare,
all my emotions and time,
while you sat in silence.
This is when I CAN'T remember.
These were the moments I CAN'T surrender.
Therefore, I smile when I look at you but feel like throwing up in a corner.
solEmn oaSis May 2017
there comes a time
i don't intend to look at my self
there comes a time
i do pretend that i am okay
until one day in my life
i decided to come across such traces
Whereby I can Allocate My phrases
What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place?
What gets wetter & wetter the more it dries?
What's there beyond the blue skies?
What's there behind the faint glaze?
despite of all its emptiness
i just can't find the answers.
Maybe because my vision shown me less
or possibly because of the Lost* ..... Tears in my Eyes ....
not even how i tried to Reach that mountain's peak
still i am not tired to Search those lines of mine i chose to pick!
Though I know it was not that hard
for me to get down back on the yard
through taking the landslide experience
with no one catching as i fall
except for the hunger and thirst of my soul
every time i heard the loud whisper of nature's call!

And so i took a rest yet having TINY pierce
on the shirt seen on my left bleeding chest
not knowing for a LITTLE while
until the Fairy Wind told Me so.
It hurts me seriously like a burn heat
when i uprooted the ****** thorn on it.
But some kind of relief
when i held that  grief!
and started to draw
Whenever i saw
a falling dry leaf
once there was eye.

once there was eye
i used to paint recently
thru the blood flown
straight from A loving heart
where tears were dropping apart!
And suddenly here comes my line
conspiring with my mystery rhyme
once there was eye full of emotion
i had been delineate with a notion
there's something i wanna share
here i am walked closer to shore
thinking out loud about my vow
that I Must Have to Take a Bow
for me to see my own real complexion
Right Down to the Image of reflection
made by swaying waters
on The River of Dreams!
And once there was eye
watching unto it like the way i did...
someone will learn how to look deep up above
and can exercise when to visualize what is Hidden,
yet for those eyes who can only see what is Given
blessed are they, for they need not nothing to dig what is written!

once there was eye
who wants to untie
that thick blind fold
"come on give it a try"
i will be grateful for sure!!
and my glad will become so high!!!
once there was eye emphasizing his sigh
to give this poem some light.
once there was eye who also wants
their own style and interpretations
of this solemn piece i entitle...
~ ~ once there was eye ~ ~ (the untold story)
inks out of its vessel ,
links the author's influential spell !
consistency is my game
solEmn oaSis is my pen name

i am fluent of no language
but  TAGALOG is my mother tongue
Proud to be Filipino
who loves to look after international Language!
Nena Twedell Dec 2014
This story is just beginning
don't mind the few blank pages along the way
That's when I though the plot had ended
Little did I know that was just a prequel
Character development
The first chapters I know the main character is hard to decipher
Just remember this is just the beginning
I'll hold a box of tissues for you when the plot seems to twist and turn
This is just the beginning of my story
When I thought this was the last page
I realized there's a whole another book with my name on the cover
This plot hasn't even climaxed yet
Please won't you stick around and see what happens next
Because this is character development
The prequel
To the story of my life
Realizing through all the fog just how much life you have left to live is an amazing feeling. Realizing that all this time wasn't a waste you were simply on the journey to finding yourself is comforting
**You are the author of your own story take the pen and start writing your story**

— The End —