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Before five thousand years ago
There was no written language
Communication was oral
Morality was moral
It was prehistoric
They didn't lack rhetoric
Art and literature were there
They couldn't write poems as I did
Every piece created in mind
Every piece existed in mind
Communication was through sound
Experience, knowledge, literature
From generation to generation
All were passed oral
There was no written confirmation
Everything committed to memory
Huge scriptures in the tally
But change is the law of Nature
Motion permanent
Rest temporary
Time changes
Forms of words and expressions change
Semantics change
Understanding change
Oral things with ease change
Same story
Different people, different versions
Scholars brought in writing later
Create huge task for researchers
Researchers look for evidence
Some kind of evidence they may find
Theses they write
Some commonalities do emerge
There's a popular surge
With pride people declare
Their forefathers were great
They knew everything
Which scientists now struggle to find
Researchers research reflects more of their minds
Difficult to tell
How closely prehistoric scriptures, knowledge
They define
Languages changed, usage changed
Semantics changed
Amelioration, pejoration
Additions, deletions
Happened over thousands years
Prehistoric remains more of a mystery
What scholars and researchers tell you
If you find useful in life
Please do imbibe
Don't fight
Let scientists show you the light!
Those days science and literature did not mingle
In came life and it said lessons you must learn
Logic, rules and the laws of life
Metaphorically matter
Riddled with emotions
Cradled in the hearth
All together
Just for fun
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Pteranodon friend
Flying over head
Fishes in his mouth
In his big throat pouch
Funny furry body
Little hairy neck
Small stubby tail
Big flippy flappy wings
Flying over head
Pteranodon friend
A cute little poem written by my even cuter boyfriend.

— The End —