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Roro Aug 2020
I planted a seedling
Thoughtless, unplanned, without a care
Now a magnificent tree
Brightening the dark forest of my memories
Standing tall, pine needles displayed
In rain or shine, winter or blaze
Maybe I’ll plant more friends for her
Or maybe she’ll be set on fire
But I hope after living my life
A colorful forest of trees is what I’ll find.
Anya Sep 2018
I bemoan the negatives
of something
to feel good about the positive
And then
I almost
hate myself
for it
Andrew Ewen Feb 2018
What do you do when you question life?
Do you dwell on the past or do you look forward to the future?
It's easy to remember the bad things we've been through but how often do we look back at the positive things and just smile?
Remembering the negatives and focusing on the bad is hardly going to help.
What if you embrace the now, live for today and remember tomorrow is a new day?
Wouldn't that be a better way to live life?
Life is too short to constantly think about regrets and what ifs.
Do you want to be someone who's life is dictated by worry or do you want to take risks and enjoy life while you can?
Do you let the best years of your life fly by or do you take control and lead the life you want to?
There's only one pilot controlling your life.
Make sure the journey is a memorable one.
tobi Dec 2017
i have a good feeling that if you put two pieces of paper in front of me and asked me to list negatives and positives about myself, not only would the negatives list be longer than the positives, i'd need more than one piece of paper
self-deprecating human
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2017
Have you ever given yourself a second chance?
Not every mistake you make has to result in a Donna Summer.
A Donna Summer?
Yeah another self imposed last dance.
You'll never get anywhere flawless My friend.
So allow yourself those ***** ups because the most important thing from them is the lessons

I realize know ive been living with ine hand behind my back
So from now I'll make peace with the things i lack
And use my strengths to make an even greater comeback!
imblank Apr 2017
This weather whispers through its winds.
The presence of someone who shall bring rain of rejoice.
Though i havent met her yet, and i know i wont for a long time.
Maybe a lifetime.who knows.
But she feels close.close enough to say its real.
Rhianecdote Feb 2015
Weeping Willow, Weeping Willow
Will you weep for me?
Take this sorrow and this heartache
So that nobody will see.
Use this heavy heart to weigh your roots
And these tears to grow your leaves
So my sadness will never be forgotten
As you bow your head for Me
And out of something weak and rotten
There stands a strong and healthy tree.
written a few years ago...still applies XD
Johnny Huynh May 2014
At times you speak with no filter
eyes shutter and life becomes darker.
Without the negatives
there are no positives.
Focus, you are your perfect picture.

— The End —