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Dani Dec 2019
It sits still
The surface a mirror of misery
Life long gone
Waiting for the rain
But it never comes
It sits still
Still with pain
Still with melancholy
Paralyzing despair
It recedes into itself
Fading away
Cracking and crumbling
Waiting for the rain
Waiting for the tears long gone dry
A settled numb stillness
Waiting for a ripple
Waiting for a change
For salvation
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
Long ago, in a youth now gone,
I spent hours at a pond,
A clay base , sun adorning,
Tadpoles swimming, half forming,
I spied with magnifying glass,
Frogs finally hopped at last,
Now, no frogs, cause no rain,
Is is all because of climate change?
So I ponder on such ponds,
Where have all the tadpoles gone?
That was our ecological health,
How can we restore our planet's wealth?
Feedback welcome.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Change of my yonder
Spring's kiss embraces me so
Swans glide on still ponds
Watching swans gliding by is really relaxing!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Nick Strong Jul 2015
Sun lit green trees highlighted
By a background of black
Clouds tearing apart
Drops crash earth bound
Explode on leaves
Turning dust to mud
Trickles into streams
Rivers into torrents
Pealing the skies
With cracked bells
Gutters overflow
Appearing puddles
Become ponds
Ponds burst banks
Forlorn plants droop

— The End —