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AnnaRae May 2018
I have found sweet release
In the two most amazing souls

But mine is breaking
And I do not know how to mend it.

Hidden Glace Mar 2018
How do you tell someone you like them?
(Not to add more confusion....)
But when you know them, and you see them happy
(I know, I know, don't steal their happiness)
But... You feel like they need to know, because it's not fair
(Polygamy at it's finest, it'd work if you work for it)
But that's not something anyone wants
(But i wish I could experience everything, with all of you)
'Sides... It's not like you can love more than one person like that.
(Especially when-)
Especially when...

One of them is your girlfriend
One of them has a girlfriend
I guess now is as good a time as any to mention that I'm bi-curious... There's this awesome guy I like (I think?) and I just want him to know how I feel...
Anyone got thoughts?
Carter Ginter Nov 2017
Kissing you
Feels as though I'm levitating
Above all the stress
Above the complications of our situation
But I promise that isn't everything

I know I'm silent and
I'm aware that I'm a challenge for you to read
But if my word means anything
I want nothing more than to connect with you intellectually
To be able to talk for hours on end
To be open entirely and unapologetically
But I'm also petrified

You're smart beyond reasoning
And absolutely gorgeous
Hearing you laugh makes my heart race
And when our hands touch the beat stops entirely

I need to let go of this fear
The fear of rejection
The fear of this new experience
The fear of getting too attached
And the fear of the unknown

When I'm with you I feel on edge
But I also feel happier than I'm used to
I suppose that I'm afraid
That if I let you see me
The real human behind this tough exterior
That you'll change your mind
Which is fine because you'll do what's best for you
But the idea is still unnerving

I can't tell you when it'll change
But I promise it won't be like this forever
I'm trying to let go of this fear and anxiety
So that something real can actually come
From this mess we found ourselves in
Please be patient with me
Because even though I'm pretty ****** up
I have genuine feelings for you
And want a chance to prove that
Pick yourself up my kleintjie
Your heart is in your eyes and your tummy is empty
There's always home in our arms
Always a bed to keep you warm
My lover and I will keep you sane
The others don't know, they don't understand, they aren't the same
They all blame me for your possible demise
But all I want is to hold you tight
They push you with hard words and take no pity on your gentle soul
We want you to be okay
We understand
We love you whole
Chin up my kleintjies
You are the two who fill the holes
Äŧül Oct 2016
Extremism, He taught them.
Extreme belief in the book of Satanic Verses.

Polygamy, He taught them.
Polyandry he dared not teach them ever.

Terrorism, He taught them.
Terrorising he needed not teach them ever.

Mirth, He taught them.
Utter hatred for the non-believer forever.

Paedophilia, He taught them.
Old men marrying & ****** children forever.

Paradoxes, He taught them.
Cleaning ***** feet with hands before the prayer.

Hatred, He taught them.
Why else are his teachings a copy of threats?
Boycott terrorism and the chief religions of terrorists.
Polygamy is the epitome that undermines women's rights.
All women should stop reading or following the 'Satanic Verses'.

HP Poem #1225
©Atul Kaushal
Let's go on a date, eat some
Food, drink some wine.
You'll tell me your flaws, and I'll
Show you mine.

I whisper, that you look like a swan today.
Then you tell me that I was your favorite lay!

Now I'm not telling' you, that you have to move on,

But I don't want to be with you for very long.

And I know I should try, to remain by your side

Just so long as you've got the love to provide,

But don't cry, I'll be here for you.

Just make sure you want me too

'Cause I'll be here as long as you want me baby.
As long as you want me.
As long as you please me.

You're right,
I don't have a mind and I don't have a heart.
Because it was broken five years ago by some other ****,
And I've been trying' to learn a million different names
To forget all the
Pain... and the
Love of those days.
Mokomboso Sep 2014
Would you rather be a lion?
Living in a harem or crowned as the king?

Would you rather be a penguin?
Exclusive and romantic, so sweetly vanilla

Would you rather be a snail?
A sado-******* whose lover impales

Or maybe a praying mantis?
Where doing the do could be the last thing you do

Or if you’re a sick puppy who dreams about ****
The life of a duck would be right up your street

Would you rather be an angler fish?
Becoming as one never seemed less heartwarming!

Would you rather be a hyena?
Is that a boy or girl? No one can say

Or the bonobo living the feminist’s dream
******* your queen as you boastfully scream

Do you crave the quiet life of a tiger?
Dormant for months, you really despise her

Would you rather be a sponge?
Shoot your load into the ether and hope that you score

If cross dressing gets your rocks off
Then the life of a cuttlefish will sure turn you on

How about a diplodocus?
But seriously, how the hell would that work??
Just a silly little thing about the mating habits of various animals.

— The End —