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Life on LSD Nov 23
If I could take a knife
and cut right through
you, I would

We’ve already failed
one another, miserably
and countless times

You and I
are born friends, we
know each other so intimately

But we can’t see eye to eye,
that has always been
our problem

I know you are there
and I am here,
together separately

So please show me
how to love you, quietly
come closer without fear

Let me just hold you
and patiently love away
those unheard years

I want to learn
about you, then
seamlessly grow in peace

When I am you
and you are me,
enjoying in sweet harmony

I can finally taste the air
and walk this earth
as my one and only masterpiece
Life on LSD Nov 17
What if I just gave out all my trust everytime I thought I found someone worthy? To the point where I almost look naive? And then simply watch at how they would carry the weight of it all? If they would drop it, break it or if they were able to take it and mostly take care of it?

They often tell me I’ve got commitment issue’s..
Even I say I’ve got commitment issue’s every now and then..

Truth be told, I don’t. I just haven’t found the one who knows what he has when he has it.
ik loop er met mijn ogen open in
Life on LSD Nov 16
The warmth rustling up the night
with pretty lines that breaks the silence

Colorful displays clouding in today’s
grace, again, once more

Caressing with infinity’s sweet melody
softly waking up time

It resonates the vision of this morning
in a perfect pitch of delight
Life on LSD Nov 4
Niemand anders z’n schoenen
die ik zou willen vullen
Dat zijn geen stappen
die ik zal nemen
De passen van een ander
zijn niet de mijne
Zo ook de kilometers op de teller
Het leven is al lastig genoeg
voor een ieder

Daarentegen bied ik je aan

De schouders te beklimmen
Je rug recht te trekken en die
van mij soms naar beneden
Schoenen niet veel groter
dan de maat
Maar met stappen vooruit
is waar we gaan
Pas voor pas naar boven

Zweet als tranen latend ga ik door

Inmiddels zijn de kilometers
voorbij gevlogen
Zo is ook de onstuimige weg
hiernaartoe al geschreven
Vleugels zijn nu gebroken en
de neus hangt een beetje
scheef naar rechts
Maar er is niets wat niet
geheeld kan worden

Wonden die veranderen in littekens

De bestemming is bereikt
Waar tijd is gegeven zolang de
horizon verschijnt aan de hemel
Vertrouwend in het
donker ga ik verder
Blindelings op intuïtieve intent
blijf ik nog altijd doorlopen
Totdat ik kan voelen
wat ik al die tijd heb gehoord
Life on LSD Oct 22
Some are lost
Some are found
Some are somewhere in between
All are moving
All are atoms
All are all they’re ever be
because i felt like it
Life on LSD Sep 22
Als ik er een film van kon maken
Was het mijn favoriet
Life on LSD Sep 9
She doesn’t suffer in silence, her
wrath will slowly **** all our desires

For her anger often ignites the trees,
polluted air becomes her sour tears
She sometimes breaks down in
storms and washes away the terror
in her gardens performed
She occasionally blows so hard it
screams, shakes the ground because
of her broken dreams
She can even burst out in rocketing
fires, to lit up her own pyres
Covering our eyes in complete
darkness, emptying out her
lungs already so terribly tarnished
She cries into the sea while rising
with the plastic debris, but somehow
we are still unable to see, hear or feel
any of her ongoing pleas

You see, mother nature isn’t quiet,
her griefs are changing our climate
I know there’s a movement of awareness

But at the same time, all that needs to be done to restore any kind of balance isn’t happening (by humankind)

To expect humankind to radically turn around in a way that would make a real change is a big thing, it should be transforming all that we know to be “normal”, it’s destroying the very “fact” we call evolution, it would mean “killing” humankind itself

Life on LSD Sep 8
They can break my spine
over a thousand times
but my head will always
be held up high

I’ll never bow
even with tears in my eyes
I’ll wear them proud
like a king’s crown

Brushing of pain and lies
with effortless grace
my face will forever rise
for everybody to be seen

Men befallen from faith
their cries into riches I turn
that’s how they’ll learn
You can’t **** a Queen
Life on LSD Sep 5
Flowers are falling from the skies
covering us in soft petals
caressing our skin while coming down

the smell of love
ever so sweet

beautiful pastels all around us
imagine a world where this can be

now, should you ever want to find me
this where you should start

I’ll be swimming in the ocean
full of pretty coloured flowerbombs!
my morning madness
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