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Afiqah Oct 2018
it was fate that I have
this whole love affair thing
with words
and maybe this is where I find
its enoughness to know
that I have once laid here before
with you
and love luxuriously
had your very soul pinned on it

Afiqah Aug 2018
it has always been
a vicious ******* cycle
ever since
yet sometimes,
this is how faultless
life and people
can bruisingly just be

Afiqah Jun 2018
there is always
a silver lining,
a blessing in disguise
and an upside to every
**** thing that’s happened
they may have all even made you
look like calamity but just
remember not to **** your very essence
you are more you
than ever before now

Afiqah Apr 2018
April once had
pocketfuls of our beginnings
streaked with such
enveloping semblance
of the little heavens
that even during that mere seconds
our eyes met,
the angels somehow knew
how nostalgic our souls would be

Afiqah Aug 2017
I constantly kept my gaze full
on the weather
I wanted rain to run in my veins
like nicotine
I didn’t want to miss
a single strike when the black clouds
starts to suit up and sing the Desert Song
it seems a little mental
wanting to feel that same guilty rush
but that’s just how
I try to embrace my soul
and I can’t help but miss you all over again


— The End —