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Justine Louisy Jul 2020
Sleeping limbs,
hair looking like a display of drunk,
tongue breathing the smell of skunk,
closed eyes still acting as a screen projector for my daisy dream.

All this,
whilst standing,
in a hungry bath.
Hungry for the applause of water droplets,
it’s echo making the drums in my ear bang at every beat.

Oh finally! sober strands of hair thanks
to the medicine called ‘wet’.
Lazy limbs finally awoken by the kicks
of caffeinated splashes.
My crusty feet marinated
in a shallow stream.

My tongue doing the Mexican wave
in a pure fountain.
At least it scared the skunk away.

The cool fingers of the water poking
against my snuggled eyelids.
No more daisy dream.

Thanks to the shower!

All this,
and work is in 10 minutes.

Oh crap…..

— The End —