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Autumn Nov 2020
i've lost that poet
in me, who once lived
i keep writing
but that void never gets filled
just how it used to...
break didn't help
maybe my petty brain won over
my little heart
that i started seeing things than feeling them
but i know
i'll turn into the one i use to be :)
felt like i am losing poetry...i don't know..i write stuffs but it doesn't fulfill me....maybe it's because of the break...but.. GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME.. i'll be back  ;)
Ivan Brooks Sr Aug 2018
Thank you hello poetry
for making me feel worthy.
Here I can write
And can freely create.
I need no validation
and self-promotion.
It's a unique platform
or a stage to perform
On my own ,to rewind
Time or say what's on my mind.
Here I always feel fine
Once I have the available time
Here I shake no hands
Match to no bands
But when I make a mistake
Somebody wide awake
Inboxes me and respectfully says
You might want to take a look at this
I seriously like this
So I honestly pray
each and every day
to stay
And be very active
And have another perspective
I feel connected
Here ,I feel respected
the emotion, the hype
Just my place and my type
For completion of this process
to other platforms, no disrespect
from poets here, I get more respect!

© IvanBrooksPoetry
My flowers to hello poetry
Chris Shantel May 2016
I'm Just Thinking, Late night drinking.

I'm just thinking, late night drinking
Thoughts are hazy, and hazardous
Things are unclear to me, foggy I can't see, a total lost of vision, but why tonight, its the liquor, the alcohol, it's consumes me, it's takes over my every thought and decisions, and Precision
My brain is Clogged by this liquor, it's like my mind is slowly losing oxygen, I'm boxed in, it's tight, it's a fight with all my might, but as I pour myself another drink, I think................. It's can't be that bad right? What's wrong with a  alcohol poisoning? It takes the pain away temporarily, and it's help sleep you at night, and you know how hard it is for you to sleep at night! **** am I talking to myself again?  Naw I can't  be, but I just answer my question lol! Maybe I had to few to many, and there's  plenty of liquor left in my cup, I can't let it go to waste .......... So I can drink more and more and more and more!
I was drunk when i wrote this, soooooollll
Yours forever, so I can be single never
If you're a pulley, I'm your lever
When we're separate, we want to be together
We don't know how to value true companionship at times.
If you're happy
I'm happy
I can't ask for any more
I tend to be the most frugal person in the room
But that's just who I am
I just want you to be happy cause of me
Girl, I know you have been trying to fend off the gargoyles inside your soul
But I'm here to help
Be happy for me
I want to see that smile
It cures my anger and sadness
And it lightens up the most brimming room.
A twisting and twirling body of words,
It hangs out against the arms like the moon lit light
Casting the shadows of a lost and broken dream
Tapping the head and forming the jaw
The fires kiss the withering blade to life
Enriched by the life of a crazy decision,
Struggling to climb it's conscious roots,
Only to have wings form out of the scars,
Cheated by a fate of lust and celebrants,
Screaming at a insomniac mind,
Pleading to make it's reason one of logic and focus,
However lost it is to the dreams given by the hands it has felt,
Curious the traveling becomes from our mouths, the words we speak,
Fly on and distance point A to point B
For the simple line must be drawn to connect them once again.
Sleep Dreams

— The End —