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cassiopeia miel Jan 2016
mere letters away, you reached out to me through cyberspace and i amused your responses
you, on the periphery of my galaxy
i was blinded by the sun, mindlessly orbiting, drawn to the heat and the beauty and not realizing it was destroying me, i am uninhabitable, i am unloveable.

it wasn’t until two years later that i locked eyes on you across the rave
in the steel light of dawn, that was it. you had me hook, line, and sinker.

let’s play a game mimicking cat and mouse. but i am a leopard, stalking through the shadows, and you are the clumsy panda cub rolling in the grass.

unfortunately, i had tasted blood and the hunt was on.
i play with my food and you are the best thing i've ever had in my arms.
and i would keep you in my arms forever if i knew how

— The End —