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Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
The space between Us,
is far too Great.
Come a bit closer,
so We both can Mate.
The Sky at Night,
holds all Our Dreams.
I shall sail your Boat,
on Moonlit Streams.
The Sun wants to Know,
how U light up My Night.
The Moon wants to know,
how U glow so Bright.
To Me....U are the Moon,
in a Galaxy full of Stars.
Tonight We go exploring,
Our Passions on Mars.
annh May 2020
I watch him tapping, from the corner of my eye.
Left hand. Pointer to pinkie. Sequentially.
Beginning and re-beginning.
Defeated, intent, scowling, jubilant.
In my imagination he is a poet, counting syllables.
Writing haiku in his head, as he waits in traffic for the light to turn green.

‘You've got to be kid-
Well, crud, what just happened there?
I ran out of syl-‘
- Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle
Rockie May 2015
Freckles on your face,
Sunshine in your smile,
Promises made on your pinkie,
Memories in your mind,
Steps taken with your soles,
Hands are being held,
Adoration gleaming in your eyes.

— The End —