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Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
words tucked into child minds forming in the mold,
depeche mode, fashion wisdom
blooming in
starstruck lunacy of lost meaning

****** Airline driving Jet Blue
as a sign, you know we

rise and ask redemption
this instant

toiling with tools the psalmist dreamed
and all the first cantors sang
in genuine gentle
spirit of...

genius (n.)
late 14c.,
"tutelary or moral spirit"
who guides and governs
an individual through life,

from Latin genius 
"guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation; wit, talent;"

"prophetic skill; the male spirit of a gens,"
"generative power"
(or "inborn nature"),
from PIE *gen(e)-yo-,
from root *gene- "give birth, beget,"
with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

Sense of
"characteristic disposition"
of a person is from 1580s.

"person of natural intelligence or talent"
and that of "exalted natural mental ability"
are first recorded 1640s

and remaining in super position watching
we see we be agreed and symbiosis sets in

upto unto upon a time
stumbled into uttering urgent fervent

prayer, simple asking, what remains broken

what quest unmade, unmade imagined asif

this is life's book interpreting your
translation of reason into I'll go rythmic

waves rising from great notions stuck
in the mire at the bottom o' th'ocean

stirred up by trouble peace bringing in times of

settling in on of by bis more again or less
waiting is all suffer ever meant to mean,

mean men made each furrow seem
too hard to ***, in final
throes of
terminal toil

debitum in praesenti, solvendum in praesenti
debt due now, paid. It is finished.
Good news
darkness consummatum


fashioned in the mode of our time
powered for ever by happy Sisyphus's
rock rolled up
rock rolled down
by grace of gravity being the law

reach out

ceive con re de ceive (if you know

what I mean, taken for granted)

praesentium tedium t'do doodle do

touch faith, fingers fail, toe-tippy reach

topple the tinker-toy tower where war once reigned

back ground Johnny Cash praisin' Dylan from the dead

out in the desert, just doin my time--
waitin' by a pile of Hopi
nilhili-pili rocks rolling no more

sitting still in rasta farian blank spaces

between the pieces of we
carried to now as you see. We are in this real,
as real angel messages
made magnificent in worth as
worth deeming worship's solventum

songs from the po et tu brutes, breakin' rocks
back down the line,

scarlet thread sewn tendon
anchored to my zen minded ped-dance

kick the liar from his throne,
claim it for my own, my pile of flocci nauci

meaninglessness of weightless worship

turned on, with a merest touch.
No flame,
no night. Words alone reign un fused, un frozen,
new mercies
rising in the sunshine of a rich man
with a satisfied mind,

as time rolls by.

Cohen told us there is a crack in everything,
that's how the life gets in
this bubblin ethosphere we offer

as a sacred secret shown in light of all we share.

Clap clapper in liberty's cracked bell.
Let us lieve well enough alone for the time,

being once rung, listen,

other bells ring still with that pathos we share
logically as mere words.
floccinaucinihilipilification (n.)
"action or habit of estimating as worthless," in popular smarty-pants use from c. 1963; attested 1741 (in a letter by William Shenstone, published 1769), a combination of four Latin words (flocci, nauci, nihili, pili) all signifying "at a small price" or "for nothing," which appeared together in a rule of the well-known Eton Latin Grammar + Latin-derived suffix -fication "making, causing."
HYA Oct 2017
Mahal, lumayo ka sa kanya
Siya ay mapanganib at maaari ka niyang saktan
Mahal,  huwag kang manatili sa kaniya
Sapagkat siya ang engkanto sa masamang halaman

Huwag.  Dito ka muna.  Dito ka lang.  
Mahal, sasama ka ba sa katulad niyang hibang?
Takpan ang mga mata. Huwag kang lalayo.
Hintayin natin ang pagdating ng mga santo sa pinto.
Ngumiti ka. Ngunit sa akin lamang.  
Ako ay matamis habang siya ay matabang.  

Mahal, manatili ka sa aking tabi
Ilapat mo parati sa'kin ang malumanay na labi
Ang mga braso, sa akin lamang nakayakap
Siya ang apoy at ako ang ulap

Sa akin,  hindi ka masasaktan
Pangako,  hindi kita iiwanan
Basta't manatili ka sa aking kiliran
Hindi ka na mag-iisa kailanman

Ngunit,  kung lahat ng ito'y susuruin
Baka mawalan na ako ng lakas upang ika'y patahanin
Kung pagmamasdan mo nang maigi ang mga mata kong madilim
Malalaman mo ang aking nililihim

Mahirap.  Mahirap talaga.  
Ngunit ako lamang ang iyong pag-asa.
Mamili ka, siya o ako?
Ipaalam mo sa akin kung saan ako tatayo
Sa impyerno ba na aking kinagisnan
O sa langit na para sa'kiy di pangkaraniwan

Ako man o siya,
Wala kang kawala
Sa lugar na maaraw o sa liblib
Kalimutan **** ako ang mismong panganib.
Magandang buhay sa mga taong may buhay!

— The End —