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Filled with the Force of her shock waves,
from her thunderous shoes,
Electrifies the tracks she gallops on
Assembled by men, well versed in metal
With a bottomless mind, fashioning
Worthy wonders, fit enough to leave
Our ancestors prides
In awe.

Coated in steel, to the tip of her beak
She divides her body into many portions,
To make way for her children
She keeps as they venture to and fro Yahweh's orb.
The womb of her covering houses the afflicted,
The needy, poor, bitter, gluttonous and sinners
There is not a vessel too much for thee.

Shaken are the stations by her arrival,
By a clamorous roar are we
Of her daunting rumblings from afar caused
By her colossal calves.
'Have an aim?
Good for you.

What's it about?
Ah. I see.

Do you have anything else?
Oh. Too bad.'

The persuit of uniqueness
Is nothing more than a saddening realisation.

We're not prodigies you and I
But what we have is far greater.

We want. We crave. We desire.
And that my friend is a gift most unique.

We don't care about trends.
Nor of what were 'allegedly' capable of.

The want exceeds the limit.
And the limit is a facade.

An excuse for those who couldn't.
But those who want, ignore the bs.

We fail, and then try. And fail again.
But the fire still burns. Now brighter.

For the fire is eternal,
And so are we.

But the doubt, the doubt is the fear.
The fear that has a dark road.

Once initiated, it can destroy.
Destroy all that we believed.

But all you need, is a reminder
A reminder of who you are.

And you are the persistant,
And you are eternal
This is in response to the question 'so tell me about yourself'. I can't count the number of times I had nothing to say because everyone around me was as I felt far superior to me and far unique. So it made me wonder if I wasn't completely bland and useless. I hope this helps, for it took me days of wondering to figure what it was that led to where i am today. And this is for you too. Good luck.

— The End —