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Doesn't matter what we have
But what we become.
is far more important
Axel Apr 2019
Bring the guns
Sharp the knives
Only live once
But I'm wasting my time;
Bring the rose
Pick the daisy
Soft, so fragile
Cry like a baby.
Hey dad don't  you remember me.
Are you in there
Don't you care?
Draw me into your circle
Darkness comes into your web.
You smile no more.
You are drawen away over a mountain top.
You forget to open your curtains
You are a freckle of the person that I used to know.
You lie they like a helpless child.
You  don't live you just exsist.
For i
Iam truely broken
For the Dad I once knew has
Truely gone forever.
Joyce Jan 2016
So lightly.
Feels softly.
My pillow
so delicately.
Our conversation
goes deeply.
Your honesty
sounds like
a symphony.
I like you naked
Touching skin
feels intensely
I am*    what iam.
I will make no apologies for that
**Take me as you find me

— The End —