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Tommy Randell Feb 2019
So, our goodbye
Could not be *******
It had to be with words

The human contradiction
To face a Reality
With an Absurd

When what we needed
Was tears and after ***
A begging not to go

We ended it all
With pleasantries
And saying we'd stay close

I paid the tab
And got your coat and
Caught your wave from the corner

Went back in
To drown my sorrows
In a private torture

I could tell you now
I forgot you quickly
But that would be a lie

I could tell you how
I left the City
Became a different guy

But life's not like that
And, Celia
After almost 50 years

The Poet in me trembles
Vividly remembers
And is tortured in arrears

Three separate wives
Many different lives
My heart has never moved

All I have lost
All it has cost
Celia, the permanence of you.
ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
Dying under my sins.
Dead already.
My destiny was to suffer and die.

But you had other plans.
You sent, you...sent your only Son, to die for me?
Lord, why would you die for someone like me?
When i already wronged you.
When i hated you.
When i ignored your whispers and pushes and pulls of your eternal never-changing love.

You allowed the rocks to press on me, crush me.
But you allowed your son to be burdened with my stones and needles.
You allowed the nails to pierce through your Son.
and it wasn't even yours to carry.
it wasn't your fault, it wasn't your nails, it wasn't your stones and mountains to carry.

O, Father. You are so amazing and beautiful.
Your love has no end.
Your grace carried me so far.
You want to spend time with little old me.
You still believe me.
Lord, your mercy and grace pull me into a galaxy of stars and into the peaceful depths of the Sea.

O Bearer of my Sins. You have given your life so that i could have mine.  You suffered that day so that i don't have to do so for an eternity.
Your faith in your Father is steadfast, unshakable.
You love me so much.
Lord, you hugged me and held me close when the lightning struck and the raindrops broke windows when thunder knocked down trees and left me bare.
You didn't regret your decision. To die on that cross for me.

O Holy Spirit, you preserve my soul, you remind me of the Father's love. You inspire and set me on fire for God.
You guide and lead me.
You remind me of who I am.

O Holy Spirit, Father, and Son. You are One.
hehehehe Praise God!! Your Kingdom come quickly! Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!! His Love is ahhh indescribable. Perfect Love :)
Stephanie Feb 2018
She treats grace as an abhorred enemy.

Resisting has become a place she’s grown to love.

She longs for freedom forgetting that it’s already hers.

Ensnared by phantoms


she knows
In having nothing, she possesses everything.

Her shield is refined by aberrant foibles.

Scarred, yet covered in the Only perfect love


flawed, but good.

+ crowned saint
Kenny Whiting Apr 2016
Hear what I say, then ponder this,
   God made you just for me;
Created from a piece of bone
   And formed quite perfectly!

He took such pride in all he made
   placed everything just right;
My God Himself saw what He'd done,
   perfection in His sight!

He knew we need companionship,
   Each husband needs his wife;
Someone like you to walk with me
   with whom to share my life!

He started out with only sand,
   to form a mortal man;
Beginning of the human race,
   fulfilling perfect plan!

I'll bet He chuckled to Himself,
   He knew how proud I'd be;
How right He was and proud I AM,
   that you're right here with me!

— The End —