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lost in my mind Mar 2015
My Therapist said that I have abandonment issues,
says that I tend to idolize the people who leave me,
She says that I build shrines for those who leave,
and tombs for those who stay.
Noelle Marie Nov 2014
I look into the mirror
And I see your face looking back at me
Your smile, your eyes, your lips
I see an absence
And my chest hurts
Nearly 11 years now
I don't know how I remember your face
I don't really
It's slowly slipped away
Memories faded over time
By anger, by pain, by sadness, by this yearning for you to be back with me
You protected me as much as you could, loved me I think, made me feel cared for, worthy
I know now why you but I have but one wish
That you'd taken me with you  
That you'd take time to make me feel cared for, worthy again
Come back,
One day,
Some day,
There is a hole where you once belonged

— The End —