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Donna Jul 12
Sunshine is shining
Making pavements much warmer
Love is everywhere
Was truly inspired by today’s awesome weather x still on a break thank you so much for lovely comments and loves and likes , makes me smile everytime x catch up soon ** ❤️
Donna Apr 8
The sky is dull grey
and so are pavements ,  that’s a
real boring sandwich

Where’s the sun gone it’s chilly outstde and proper grey skies too !
Donna Oct 2018
The rain is falling
The clouds are feeling moody
Just like the pavements
It’s been raining all day so far x
Donna Apr 2018
I looked out window
And saw pretty pink blossoms
Pavements grew a smile
Spring time is lovely x
Donna Mar 2018
Today I walked on
grey pavements and I've survived
the colour grey well

See I know grey can
be associated with
a dark floating cloud

But I find it to
be calm and delightfully
encouraging too

It shows lovely flight
Inbetween the dark and light
Stars shine bright at night

Today I'm wearing
my work boots there covered in
soft magnolia

I do look silly
But underneath my boots are
colour of midnight

But now they twinkle
like the big bright moon at night
I like grey pavements
I love pavements :)
Donna Mar 2018
I went out today
and walked on pavements and heard
raindrops sing a song
Donna Jan 2018
Little lady next
door dressed in 1920
long grey skirt and blouse

goes out everyday
with her hair tied in a bun
wearing black boot shoes

she quietly walks the
pavements amoungst a lot of
other people

buildings seem so big
no horse and cart just metal
things with four wheels

no kids play outside
so smiley happy go
lucky children

instead she sees a glow
from each child's hand , there eyes
engrossed in something!!

yet the sky stays the same
just differs in colours , clouds appear happy or sad

the sun shines the moon
glows and stars continue to
twinkle starry bright

trees never change ,  she
smiles at natures will to never
change its beauty

a China man bumps
into her , they both stare for
a second or two

then off they walk on
pavements amoungst a lot
of other people
One that popped into my head this morning x
The night sets in
I met my match
I lit the tension
I caught the flame
Now here is another self game
I battled this sin.
I write down fluid emotions
As I have timeless times with the world
As such out forth came my talents
To entertain my world
As I have kept struck devotion
In sweet and honest motions
A man , his world, and a great new new movie
Of his life never left to the ruins
Of neglectful ashes
He never strays
He goes forward
To a brighter future
It’s “groovy”
He’s true to his game
Now they sing out his name
In his own words
The songs he writes
His Entertainment history is made
He is seen, smiling, walking to another
Great destination on future’s pavement.
Dark Ink Apr 2016
I still wonder why
      I have to keep fighting this war....
           If it never ends ....

Why do i keep holding on
     Should i just keep on chasing pavements
        Even if it leads nowhere.....

— The End —