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Neville Johnson Nov 2016
That ship has sailed
I'm not on it
Our glorious romance
Now a sad sonnet
Our ship has sailed
We are not in it

We tried, but I won't say we failed
Forever I know I will regale
Myself with the thoughts of time so well-spent
Lost in each other wherever we went

The wind in the willows whispers your name
Whenever I walk down Memory Lane
I see our reflection in the lovers who hold
Their hands tight together
It's soul to soul

That was us, what we used to be
But our ship has sailed to its destiny
The sea of romance, the ocean of sighs
It was good while it lasted
We both realize
Neville Johnson Oct 2016
OK, I get it, you still think of me
But we're not gonna connect
It's too messy
Two old soldiers of love
Who are still looking back
But our lives have moved on
So why the heck should we talk?
We're not gonna be together again
No way, we both see no future
In regards to our past
Just warm memories that forever will last

Life, love and war are not fair
You just grin and bear it
You take it from there
Make the best of today
Ruminate, reminisce
But when it's over, it's over
It's the goodbye kiss

I think of you often
I know you know
You think of me too
We sure we're close
So in my thoughts you will always be
But the way it was will never again be

— The End —