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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
I have seen
Incongruity win
When people love
Parallelism disappears
Meeting point to come
I live in love anger
In parallelism
I dwell
I wish parallelism exists
Euclid to fail
Meeting point to come
Lobachevsky to win
This poem is drawn on analogy of geometry.
Dana Skorvankova Mar 2018
A failed life
and a cheek-pinch
are quite alike,
they both hurt.
Iris Madden Jan 2018
Shadows are everywhere.
Against corners,
next to a pair of lovers,
beneath my eyes,
touching a thousand souls.
Shadows tell tales of abandonment
and emptiness
tales of lust
tales of exhaustion
tales of misery
and darkness.
Shadows block out the light
of happiness and holiness
Light that left
when the sun set
on the stories of the lonely
stories of the desired
stories of the weary
stories of the sad.
Shadows bathe us in darkness
hides us from hovering eyes
so we can be alone
so we can sin
so we can rest
so we can end.
Jazzy Oct 2017
You have
Excavated the tiniest crevices of my bones
Nestling into the cracks as comfortably as if you were born to sleep in them

You have
Crept into every quiet moment of my mind
Inhabiting my thoughts as naturally as if you were created to be in them

You have
Uncovered the center of my heart
Feeding my emotions as easily as if you were made to care for them
Started in March 2014 (lengthened and edited recently). More than three years later, I've figured out who this is about.

— The End —