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Charlie Wonder Jul 2016
Love is a drug with great risk.
One shot could be deadly,
another one is bliss.
Pain is a game that never stops.  
She stabbed me in the heart ,
now I'm falling without wings.
Wind in my face,  fear doesn't phase me.
Her kisses were lightning,  you can say that it tased me.
Memories playback as I sleep,
as she whispers you can not erase me.
Free verse and   random rhymes.   I was feeling jazzy.
WiltingMoon May 2016
And the moment your delicate fingers guided across my skin
All I could think about was the music I first heard you play the night we meet
And how it was the combination of your fingers and a soft paino note
That told me it was you I am ament to forever love
Purple Rain Dec 2015
Borrow the time never given
Reliving and rewinding everything that confines me
In a place where I rather not be
Trapped in the wrath of the sea
Broken piano keys
In the middle of my one and only song
Scattered thoughts beyond this mind

I speak no evil,
Yet see and hear it
I have to admit
There's something wrong
in this head of lies

Broken thoughts of grief only for myself,
Made up excuses why I don't have wealth
Why I'm a diamond god made not to be the best
And Even a "nobody"  doesn't cares to listen to the chatter from my chest
So I sit back in this white-walled room
With me, myself and I,
A mess
Salomé Albrecht Aug 2014
Tap, tap, and tap faster now
to the beat she’d exclaim

Her fingers would dance over black and white keys
as her expression screamed passionate
She held herself up with ease, dressed in love
Poise could very well be her middle name
Patience and respect dangled, I imagined
from her tousled brown hair
Laughter to be thankful for in her piano lesson

Clap, clap, and clap faster now
to the beat she’d exclaim

- salome albrecht
For my piano teacher.

— The End —