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Anguish hid within sinister orthodox crosshairs
   wherein target to wreak psychic havoc without means to escape the crushingly feted incisors as if mauled by an unseen yak
this emotional state impaled between the maws of pincers –

   no exit except being squeezed to the maximum point
   of non-existence into the black
whence once corporeal complex
   fleshy edifice becomes slurry akin to shellac
or railroaded outcome no better nor worse

than being tied as a fast approaching train on track
a most offal emotional state,
   where the nursery rhyme of jilted jack
Childs’ play when inevitable doom and
    gloom one cannot hack

free – and options to secure safe
   and Soundgarden place to live doth lack
plenitude duet to penury,
   and subsidized housing a pipe dream
   asper surviving time of warfare

   between Iran and Iraq
but the lo…a *****
of hopefulness dawn most unexpectedly
   when this day-tripper hove ah slacker found salvation
   just in the nick of time
   when renting lease about ran out – back
twas cause to ******* alas and alack…
when tandem forces nearly coaxed self-destruction
   from coke kin conspirator ******
   ready to ambush and take aim
ensconced clattering red bull pawing the earth

   with a fury of a madman playing the Glockenspiel
   opportune moment to unleash fury n laid claim
thwarting salvation from psyche teetering
   on the brink of abysmal hopelessness to exclaim,

where suicidal ideations on par with Russian roulette
   ransoming life sans permanently deadly game
hellacious tongues of the underworld
   hungering to inflame

kept at bay from divine intervention vis a vis a cool
   out of the blue downy
   faux heavenly transgender angel Jame
me Dutton, appeared as thee bottled Genii,

   with limbs temporarily lame
being hermetically sealed gingerly
   placed upon tarp of lam may,
   a lifelike emoji emoticon meme
bur of a secret society of LGBTQ
   brotherly sorority sisters,

   which angel joined the coterie
   of Good Samaritan name
   outwitting any stealthy fleet of foot Equus
casually, earnestly and modestly suited
   to boost civic, and emphatic and
   graphic curses of doom to tame.
kitaka Alex Oct 2015
What scope have I to know?
What field have I to explore?
For the desire to exalt the mind from the dank dark valley of the body.
Nothing. No a thing is mine knowledge of what weighs lesser than the wind.
Yet to claim mine honesty, I let the wind.
Failed I to quantify thy compassion.
So this queue of bouquets of words.
Splashing of sentences of flora.
For just as constellations pertain to the sky,
So art thou castellated within thine-self.
one of those poems that spring from the literal dark of me. By literal dark of me, I mean, i paint it as it is. if it is an experience like this one. that is just the way it is. No editing, no revision. it is all up to itself now. after all, it came as a dream now it is manifested into poetry
Jathan Hall Nov 2014
I feel this when I see you.
I'm overjoyed when I'm with you.
I have a crazy sensation.
I just want an "us".
You and I forever.
One day we will have this.
For now we just will have to live without each other.
i Nov 2014
you know,
laughing and smiling
doesn't mean
happy and overjoyed.
you're my wonder wall
nobody loves me like you
i think i'm in love
Copyright 08-26-2014 Elizabeth Lawrence ©

— The End —