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Josh Overson Feb 2018
Through our drugged body language,
Our bodies make conversation.

Taking every medication,
She requires no meditation.

If only you knew my motivation
Could we start a new relation.
Lit like a flame
My heart learned her name

Can we be more than what was described?
Overdosing on you, I was never prescribed.
I want to be with her everyday.
But I don’t know how or when to relay.
Godlink Dec 2017
"I've been catching up."
I have a dog.
" have a dog? What's the relevancy?"
There is none, I just have a dog.
"I don't understand."
I know.
To be fair, no one understands.
I don't mean I have a dog,
as in a tangible one,
not that I don't.
I do.
But I have a dog.
A beaten and bruised dog,
and it likes to inflict self harm,
and i'm not quite too sure,
if it does it because I deserve it,
or because I think I deserve it.
Don't get me wrong though,
this dog doesn't self inflict in normal ways,
he's been caught and scolded for the cuts and gashes of before,
no, no, no,
this time, is different.
The self infliction is more creative,
and more "accidental".
Hey guys I am jumping out of this car for comedic effect
Please **** Me
Hey guys watch me run through this field of thorns
Please **** Me
Hey guys watch me fake choke on this plastic
Please **** Me
What? No, I am fine! No, really! I have a dog!
"Haha, what does that even mean?"
I have a dog,
I don't even know what that means,
is it a cry for help,
or a way to veer the topic away from my suicidal actions?
I have a dog,
please don't look at me,
please don't talk to me,
please don't praise me,
please stay away from me,
I have a dog,
leave me to myself,
I deserve it,
if I wasn't impacting anyone,
I'd of already put him down.
I have a dog,
and swallowed pills haven't stopped him,
knives of steel haven't stopped him,
jumping out of cars with four wheels hasn't stopped him.
I have a dog,
and I want it to die,
I need it to die.
I have a dog,
and all that dog has,
is me.
Slitting wrists
Chugging wine
Taking pills
Sanity's fine line

Down once more
But it is the last
To go heaven-bound
And come to pass

— The End —