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Josh Overson Jan 2018
I haven't felt love anymore...
Much less being liked.
No one wants a deadbeat valentine.
I didn't think twice
Saying you were right
You weren't.
There's some core fault within me
I blame myself you see
For all of our mistakes
I'll hate me

Are you fueled by pain?
In love with my stains?
Hating a broken reign?
Loving I'm slain?

Your Host:

Who doesn't want a broken, dead inside, psychopathic low life...

It hurts more than it should
The nothing I am.
I'd bury you I would
The nothing I am.

What if it was costing us both...
I don't want to miss the most...
Just being lost in your ghost...
There is nothing to boast...
Feeling overdosed...
I am, your host...
I hate you pretend not to see me
And I pretend to still be free
sommerlawrence Aug 2015
I remember just how the bottle tasted, with every swig the room got louder but my mind got quieter, never before has my bath felt as much like a coffin as it did that day, I remember gripping the side with one hand as the other clutched at the pills. I've never been good at taking tablets but they seemed to just go down a treat, I don't know if it was because of the ***** or the fact I thought it would be the last time.
I cried like id never cried before it was a silent cry though it felt as if I was screaming. The room was spinning now and I was struggling to swallow what seemed like the 100th pill I felt a sharp pain in my chest and wondered if this was it, I didn't feel regret or sadness for once I felt weightless, my head bobbing up and down in the water now it felt like id been placed in the middle of the ocean and the waves were getting bigger washing me under, but I didn't mind I just laid there now dropping in and out of consciousness, with blurry wet eyes I see a face of what I thought was an angel ready to take me out of this cruel life I had been living, but I couldn't of been more wrong. Her arms round my waist felt like rope pulling me to the shore but I wasn't ready to get out yet I want to stay out at sea I screamed please just let me go, The water seemed to be disappearing now, swirling for what seemed like a lifetime I wasn't sure if it was my distorted vision of if the water was really going down but I didn't care anymore I felt the tear from her eyes fall onto my shoulder and I knew I had to try and swim.
stargazer Nov 2014
Is there happiness hidden behind your withered bones? You've always felt everything too deeply, maybe that's why your ribs are broken.
How many mirrors have you broken since he left you? Every day is another battle between who you were with his oxygen and who you are now without it.
I think the saddest thing I had to witness was you carving his name into stone skin so you could bleed out all of him that was left in your veins.
You fill voids with sunset pictures and recordings of his voice when we both know it's killing you more than it's keeping you alive.  
How many days has it been since you overdosed on sentimental morphine?
How many times do we have to go through this until you realize he's not coming back?
He's never coming back.

— The End —