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exst Sep 17
I love the silence of the night
When there is no one about
Just me and the sounds of my soul stirring ....

I love the silence when it takes me over  Completely
It grips me and all I can hear
Is the whirling in my ears ( are these the whispers of angels ? )

Apart from the love of our fellow person
God is best found in the silence
For He is perfect silence and fullness ( the pleroma )
the first sound
  before sounds ( om )

The mind loves to create internal and external images of God ( and then play with these )
But god is beyond image and comprehension ( though we are created in his image )
And though God is far away he is yet always close  ( his absence marks his presence )

  Therefore Our job is to  let all pictures of God evaporate  and instead let the silence of the heart produce an image we can't see.  But yet can feel    ( the mind is in the heart )  and share this with others ....

So brothers and sisters our duty is to love in the day  and be silent at night
And in this way God will build a house in our hearts  forever . Amen
exst Feb 2018
dance ...

let me dance with you
let me move with you
groove with you
choose you -
fuse my love with you

let me sink into you
as you sink into me


i hear all of eternity
is propping up

gods and poets
exst Aug 27
The voices
Of the many
Are required
To protect
The rights
Of the few
exst Aug 19
I don't wanna be famous
Because famous is a trap
Once you're deep within
There's so coming back
I don't wanna smoke crack
Because it rots the brain
Running around for rocks
That ***** insane .
Instead I wanna be happy
And write my poetry here
Open up my soul
And cry many tears
exst Aug 21
Bpd is bouts of extreme
Impulsivity and hypersexuality
Saying and doing
The most inappropriate things

exst Aug 23
******* Aleister Crowley
Get out of my head
And take your monsters with you
From below my bed
Your occult ways make me sick
I'm no longer ******* your disgusting ****
I'm sure you are now down in hell
For your wicked ways and evil spells

— The End —