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EastWind Mar 4
When we fall in love,
It feels like it's going stay

But when we fall out of love,
we just wake up
and decide it's over.
phoenix Dec 2019
if you saw my eyes
the ones that couldn't fill the tears
the blank eyes
the ones that cant show feelings
the ones that were once bright
that showed happiness for you

if you saw my hair
the hair that I dyed because you loved colour
the hair that is now a mess
the hair unclean and became its own dreadlock
glad something of me is joint as one

if you saw my skin
the skin so dry
the skin so uncared for
the skin so colourless

if you saw my wrist
where your name is in ink
where it'll always be
the only part of you left

if you saw my heart
but you can see that whenever you want
you took it with you
I wander if you are looking after it
the way only you can
I had so much fun writing this - sorry it is so long!
phoenix Dec 2019
A few years ago
you were written all over me
you could read me
I was your book

you wrote your own stories
and I repeated them
when I left
when you shut me out

I will never forget that time
a few years ago
it was the holidays
we hung out
you wrote a story that day
a story I wish I could someday tell

maybe one day it'll be framed
shown to the world
but even when I did
the only person who would understand
would be you

the book is closed
and I know
ill never be the same
as I was a few years ago
Garrett Johnson Dec 2019
Laurel Canyon blues.

Soft spoken.
As I listen to the chorus In her eyes.
She plays in the prison of Rhythm & rhyme.
& I who has lost the night to time.
Watching the form of smile in a light.
Sat reading the arrangements.
Presented on the face.
As she sang Tell me why.
A Young song for a young soul.

Garrett Johnson.
Never my love!!
Megan Sep 2019
I screamed in my heart
-just one more mile-
As I scratched at my chest
-keep me a while-
Motel 6 with an arco out front
But we passed it like we were on the run
So fast but
the fuel that kept us going was running past

A little line

Like a race
And I’m the hare in first place
I took it for granted
Forgot my own morals
And you were the tortoise who would have endured the miles
And just like the rats in their cage
We chewed through the bars that kept us from exploration only to be caught up
In exasperation
I’m tired
Too tired
And we got sick
Of the race — of keeping up with each other and in the end
We couldn’t put us back together again
I mean like rough rough y’all...
Megan Sep 2019
I feel like Icarus;
a lead ballon.

For I know I am
On the ground—

It’s Cold
And I’m Cold


Flying to close to the sun;
It was hot-
We were hot.

I just flew too close-
While trying to leave
the atmosphere

I popped and
my wings melted;
And now?

I’m just cold
A lead balloon on the ground.

Or I’m Icarus and I’ve drowned
But it’s still the same
Cold and going down
It’s been... rough
Aaron L Osgood Jun 2019
Love me like you want to be loved.
Hug me like you miss me, not a simple touch.
Kiss me with passion, no role playing action.
I need more than an expression with these attractions.
Look at me for more than a moment, not just a sudden glance.
Stare at me for a while until I’m in a trance.
A little romance can cure this distance.
Why am I only putting in effort and persistence?
I can feel the change, not like when we met.
We took a chance • We made a bet
Our relationship will be the best it won’t be wrecked.
Now Look!
Just a Tale
I know someone is feeling this way
Samantha Babe Jan 2018
He said I'm the antidote of sadness.
I was a ray of sunshine for him.
But when it's my turn to be sad, he back out and saying "I'm sorry I don't know how to keep your light back."
That was the day I shut my light and never knew how to get it back.

— The End —