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Somewhere between the dream of what it could be
and what it wanted to be, this poem hightailed it
out of town. Down the road it went, careening into
hedgerows, jostling small birds from their resting
time. Running for all it's worth, out to the sea cliffs
then arrested, stock still, before all that immensity.
Chagrined by such a rash attempt at escape, even
blushing a bit, it wondered about strange things:
What would it be like to be a badger? To always be
dressed in all those lovely stripes? To never have bad
wardrobe days?  Or what about an otter, with such
strong muscles, and an utter delight for swimming?
To never really feel the cold? These are the things a
poem can wonder about, when it isn't quite sure, just
right then, in the present moment, how to be a poem.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
We went through the motions
Until all went motionless

(The otter frollicked turning everything
into a game of joy to being alive)

Touch became accidental at best to our ways
Once we could touch but now nothing more

(The otter nipped at the turtle
flipped about as it played)

Words dripped from our tongues
Heavy like molasses as the intent fades away

(Down the grass the otter slides into the river
Over and over like a little child)

Reason lost to accusations , accusations took it's toll .
Accusations took our time , creating false crime

(I watch as the otter swims on it's way
Dipping , diving to where I can't say)

Now I sit in the darkness with full moon fever
Wondering how could something turn so wrong that once was so right

— The End —