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r Aug 2018
O, Orca
Tahlequah —

so much more
than just J35 —

for 17 days
more than
1,000 miles
of heartache
you gave us —

waiting, watching
as you grieved —

carrying the weight
of the world’s eyes —

teaching each
and everyone —

grieving mothers
have their own —

ways and time
to say
To grieving mothers of all the gods’ creatures.  Birds of a feather. If I could walk on water to lift your spirits, you know I would. A special thought to TM, here: Tahlequah brought you to mind, Sister of my same waters.
I always pictured
angels as a sort
of apperceptive helicopter,
Kryptonian psychiatrist
or interdimensional fallguy.
But mute angel of mercy
suppressing suspiration,
who withheld their number
& was on the line for
seconds at 7
a.m. this morning was you,
I knew
it, checking I was alive
after my BPD jive.

Like a thumbsup from
Lottohanded giddy aunt God, profound
as Enceladean heavenplumes
organic compounds
bead. But I'd rather
discover there was still life in our
remaining *-X'd
petnamers & injokers,
exchanging angel orca,
our kremlinology of ultrasound Eros.
Awaking next to you
- phew!
After a febrile siesta,
like a jammy sailor

shipwrecked upon the shore
of home of all places.
Snug as alien orcas under
Europa's ocherous linea, chaos
terrain, in Jovian lunar caverns
measureless to mantas down
to a sunless sea, our
mooner's pod duets
in cryptolect,
tho' my mooner's
wellhung as Orko
at proto-razbliuto,

fond-to-neutral farewell in your
plaint. You have no
right to resist my other
worlds, clam up on our orca argot.
I am your Stalker God,
you my orca pod
who checked I was alive
after my BPD jive.
I love you so much I'll leave you on hold.
how can you resist
an interpersonal terrorist?
JayceeJellies Oct 2017
I'm trying so hard to just keep swimming,
but more often than not, the Orcas visit me.
I'm more so floating, similar to the Velella
I keep going until I can't take anymore,
then end up washed up with the shore.
Austin Boston Jan 2017
Orcas hunting on
a North Dakota sky
swooping up bison
her name thru
your ear
in the doorway
on a ledge
in the Lodge
Orca calls sleek
Lakota sings her people
wind flushes
we all long
for Aurora
ocean spooking
bison into violent
ghost of
Sitting Bull
a haunting breathe
curve me
in the sand
Orcas beached
bison drowning in
the great river
build for us
a vessel
to carry
our warriors
of light, orcas
of sagebrush flame
take us there
and call me
sometime on the
Axiana Jan 2015
Satiated is my soul, awake, alive
I come forward with my eyes alight
This moment here was perfectly timed
With the sunshine reflecting full tonight

I follow the moon, the stars, the sea
Wave upon wave breathes life into me
The balance of far lands and dreams
I was once the wolf who took the leap
A guardian of cosmic mystery

Into waters bright and clear
Such transformation happens here
Now I know the truth, in tears
Gaia loves all starseeds dear

A seed was planted, this I know
For the moon once told me so
In its attempt to fight the sun
But now they are forever one

Let the flow continue now
I heed the call, I hear the sound
Awaken before our light goes out
There is no room for doubt

Drop your worries, release your sighs
From your heart, this special night
I'll race you to the end of time
And howl now, our wilds' cry

Watch our soul spread out, spread wide
Now my sweet one, be alive
One last breath and now we dive
Into the deep, we glide, we rise

Becoming part of an eternal tide
And so she whispered to the sky
A wish so deep, so sweet, so kind
"I will still be yours...
If you will be mine"
There is an ancient tale of how the wolf dove into the sea in order to feed dolphins to the human when they first began their relationship.  As the story goes, they became what we know today as the orcas or "Sea Wolves". I resonate strongly with these two spirit animals and the metaphor of transformation through balance and compassion inspired me so I decided to write a poem about it. I hope you enjoy! Here is a link to the story I had read if you want more details :)
Manda Raye Apr 2014
There’s a certain romance
in he who doesn’t kiss
his lover, despite yearning

for her eager lips,
and tongue like a dolphin—
hesitant, yet inviting.

But she’s bottlenosed,
and he has the heart of an orca.
He just wants her

to test the water
before he drags her
down by her feet.

— The End —