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Beautiful are the stars in the dim sky
When fireflies, in the silence of the night, shine
And the leaves dance with the tempest wind
As the clouds clad itself with darkness.

Beautiful are the things in life
Even if given with a horde of trials
Consider the roses robed with thorns
Or the cactus in the desert grown alone
On how they have dealt with life thus spines born
And on how their spines have made them strong.

Let the troubles opt to mist on its own.*

- qyf
PrttyBrd Jul 2014
What my reality is
Is not a dream come true
It's a flowing tide of incidents
With people true to who they believe they are supposed to be

What my reality is
Is a mess of circumstance
And an unrivaled openness
That oft scares those afraid of who they are

What my reality is
Is the nightmare that my truth
Leaves me lonely surrounded by those I love

What my reality is
No longer concerns you

— The End —