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Mystic904 Oct 2017
In love with the forgiving trait of God
Falling for the immense light of His boat
The world isn't for me, nor is it's applaud
Soothes the sinning souls, that one Quranic quote

Polluted image indicates not downfall
Unity unshakable if kept intact
Recitations, revive in the great hall
Then will spread the message of the compact

If melodious young voices be raised
Absorbing the love, ignoring the hate
In the court of Allah, shall then be praised
Returning back home is never that late

The pillar of hope, all of us be bound
For the sake, placing my head on the ground
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Dare to tell others of their capability
Do their hearts receive the required facility
Ask them, hurdles in their way you'll know
Not the slightest clue of their ability

Do you reside in their brain or what
System's present in the frontal lobe but
You're not from the cerebrum are you?
If not, then just keep your mouth shut

They're able but most can't show
It takes time to cook the dough
Lack of Confidence or fear of insult
But people like you just don't grow

It be the others or may it be you
Concentration will lead them through
Quite capable and filled with potential
Grow hatred or love, they'll respect you too

One good deed,

Grant free tokens of knowledge from your shelf
The changes in life, you'll witness yourself

Capable am I and so is everyone!
One who believes, may it be anyone..

c. Teeri
To all those doubters, you cant beat the spirit!
Never give up and work for your goal no matter the hurdles.

— The End —